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At SNCF, we’re working with teachers to bring safety, civic responsibility and regional development issues into the classroom.

A student reads the booklet Voyageur et Citoyen

Our educational programmes

You can bring an SNCF employee into your classroom to discuss civic responsibility and safety in the rail system—just ask. Content is designed for students ages 8-18, and there is no charge.

To round out this guest presentation, or to cover these topics on your own, choose from our collection of teaching tools and readymade lesson plans, structured to fit into school curricula.

SNCF makes these teaching tools available to schools under special agreements with the French Ministry of Education.

This year, SNCF organised the Jeunes Créa competition for middle and high shcool students designing ticket sleeves with money being donated to a national charity. The winning sleeve will also be printed for use in stations and boutiques.

These services are only available in France and in French.