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TGV Minigroupe

Get great deals on travel for 3-6 people
with TGV Minigroupe—the bigger your group,
the more you save.

TGV Minigroupe  offer
Expo Milano
from just €29* with TGV

High-speed service to the door
of the 2015 Universal Expo in Milan.

*Conditions apply.

Expo Milano  from just €29* with TGV


1 pass, 30 countries

With InterRail Global Pass, enjoy unlimited travel in 30 European countries for as long as your pass is valid.



Peace and quiet

Enjoy ultra-quiet, first-class TGV travel at no extra cost in our Espace Calme—now available for new destinations.

TGV Live

High-speed travel meets live music


TGV Live: the music festival express

Join talented musicians for a high-speed journey to France’s biggest music festivals.


Keeping you informed

Starting December 15, we’ll be upgrading many sections of the rail network and timetables may change. Get updates in real time.