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Thalys by SNCF

Heading to a major European city for business or pleasure? Enjoy Brussels, Cologne or Amsterdam. Discover Düsseldorf, Duisburg, or Essen.

Climb aboard our Thalys TGV trains for high-speed travel in comfort and style. Trains leave Paris for Brussels every 30 minutes or so. If you’re heading to the Ruhr Valley, you can choose from three daily return journeys linking Paris to Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Essen. And if you want to leave from Lille, you’re in luck: tickets are now on sale for our new Lille-Europe/Amsterdam links. Buy your ticket now for journeys starting April 12 to Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp) and the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Schipol and Amsterdam). Thalys also serves some 20 other European cities, including destinations in southern France like Marseille and Valence.

Thalys trains by SNCF:

  • Paris-Brussels  in 1 hour 22 minutes, Paris-Cologne in 3 hours 14, Paris-Amsterdam in 3 hours 14, Paris-Düsseldorf in 3 hours 42, Brussels-Cologne in 1 hour 42, Cologne-Essen in 1 hour, and Brussels-Marseille in 3 hours 56
  • new connections between Lille and Amsterdam start 12 April this year, including Lille-Europe station to Brussels in 35 minutes, Lille-Europe to Amsterdam in 2 hours 40 minutes, Lille-Europe to Antwerp in 1 hour 25, Lille-Europe to Rotterdam in 2 hours and Lille-Europe to Schiphol in 2 hours 25.
  • connecting trains to Berlin, Prague, Moscow and other destinations served by our partner rail operators
  • direct service to southern France and the French Alps for trains from the Netherlands, the Ruhr Valley, Antwerp and Brussels.

Services on board

Technology on board

Enjoy convenient WiFi Internet access, complimentary in Comfort 1 seats and pay-as-you-go in Comfort 2. All passengers have access to power outlets to recharge mobile phones or laptops during the journey.

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Tasty food is available on all Thalys trains, with at-seat service in Comfort 1 at any time of day. The Thalys café-bar in Comfort 2 offers a choice of sandwiches, hot dishes and drinks.

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Ticketless travel

Passengers with a Ticketless card can proceed directly to their Thalys train without stopping at a self-service ticketing machine or ticket window. Ticketless cards are valid for all Thalys destinations: the train manager simply validates your card and ID.

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