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Fret SNCF brings to professionnals the ideal automotive sector transport solution, with a rail freight service that guarantees safe carriage of your vehicles from factory gate to distribution centre, into and out of ports right across Europe.


Our sector specialist – at your service

Pierre Alain Le Ster

Our automotive
sector service

Looking for a really responsive high-capacity logistics partner?

Fret SNCF brings you the ideal service for your needs, whether you’re moving vehicles just within France or right across Europe.

Flexible, optimized transport services
The automotive sector demands high volume and high responsiveness. That’s why Fret SNCF provides:

  • unique freight capability that can rapidly move every vehicle type – small, standard, commercial, or people carrier – from your production plants or distribution centres
  • the choice between single-wagon transport and full trainload
  • innovative solutions to avoid empty running and optimize traffic flow 
  • whole-route shipment security

Europe-wide transport services
In collaboration with the Captrain network and partner rail operators we offer Europe-wide end-to-end transport solutions. European runs make up more than 80% of Fret SNCF’s automotive traffic.

Day in, day out we haul vehicles in and out of Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, the Benelux, Russia and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia).

Sector experts at your service
Our specialist sales teams are at your service, tasked with:

  • analyzing your needs to suggest best solutions
  • updating you on the status of your shipments
  • tracking the performance and quality of your transport services

Transport solutions
tailored to
your needs

Fret SNCF offers a range of transport solutions to meet your needs and take demand volatility in stride. These include:

  • full trainload services for high-volume vehicle transport from factories, distribution hubs and ports
  • single-wagon solutions (MLMC) for lower freight volumes 
  • “spot” trains and exceptional shipments to handle surges in demand and shifts in volume through the year

To guarantee the security of the vehicles on board, we:

  • perform regular or randomized checks during loading, in transit, and on arrival
  • provide fast, near-realtime feedback to the customer in event of an incident concerning the goods
  • conduct checks, carried out by Fret SNCF representatives, during consignment operations (speed limiting, professional training, etc.) 
  • arrange for monitoring by SNCF’s rail police (SUGE) or security firms where, for example, car transporters are stationary for a few hours

on the case

Since October 2013, Fret SNCF and Captrain Italia have pooled their expertise to offer GEFCO cross-border service handling Peugeot and Citroën commercial vehicles bound for eastern France (Ambérieu and Neuf-Brisach) and Belgium (Ghislenghien) from the Italian plant in Fossacesia.

Won over by our quality and competitiveness, GEFCO appointed us to transport large vehicle volumes on these routes, with our fleet of adapted wagons allowing us to run 10 trains a week on average. Shipments take the form of a shuttle service, to meet just-in-time supply constraints.