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A fresh approach
to employee relations

From business performance to human performance, our success depends on satisfied employees, supportive management, and a unified team. And diversity is more than just a buzzword. At SNCF, we want our employees to look like our clients—not just to connect with the people we serve, but to adapt our services constantly to meet the expectations of all.


At SNCF, skills are all that counts, and we’re strengthening our employment policies to make a difference through diversity. We were among the first companies to sign France’s Corporate Diversity Charter in 2004, and we continue to be a leader in valuing and promoting an inclusive workforce.

Fighting every form of discrimination has also become a priority for all of our subsidiaries. Take Geodis, our multimodal freight transport and logistics specialist. In 2012, it launched Equalis, a voluntary programme that fights discrimination and encourages employees to share best practices across borders and business lines. Geodis also holds Gender Equality European Standard – Gender Equality International Standard (GEES-GEIS) certification from Bureau Veritas.

Meanwhile, SNCF Group is promoting diversity through a dedicated training module designed to sensitize management trainees. These future managers are in the forefront of progress, and they’ll use their new awareness to work closely with all of our employees.

Making a difference through diversity also means hiring individuals from disadvantaged areas and people with disabilities. Between 2012 and 2015, we plan to hire 500 workers with disabilities—and we’re constantly increasing the percentage of seniors in our workforce. Under France’s 2014-2015 Generation Contract, employees age 55 and older should account for 10% of our total workforce by year-end 2015.

Diversity at SNCF

Quality of Life
in the Workplace

At SNCF, we believe that quality of life in the workplace is critical to employee engagement, so we’re helping everyone succeed. As SNCF Chairman and CEO Guillaume Pepy puts it, “A better workplace for our employees means better service for our clients.” In 2014 we’ve stayed committed to this principle through our Better Life at Work programme and our watchdog group on working conditions, responsible for reconciling employee expectations with our corporate performance targets.

Key focus areas include:

  • improving quality of life in the workplace by preventing accidents, reducing irritants and studying working conditions and physical hardships in depth
  • emphasizing recognition and trust to improve working relationships among employees and make them more client-oriented
  • making work meaningful
  • increasing cross-functional cooperation among our business lines—Infra, Proximités, Voyages, Geodis, and Gares & Connexions
  • encouraging employees to manage priorities
  • simplifying procedures


SNCF Infra is a strong proponent of work-study programmes, with 2,326 work-study employees—including 943 recruited in 2013 alone—accounting for 6.37% of its total workforce. In 2013, a total of 56 participants sat France’s vocational baccalaureate exam, and 96% passed, an excellent showing compared to the national average of 78.6%.


At SNCF, taking a fresh approach to employee relations means managing and staying ahead of the challenges and opportunities that come with today’s longer careers. We’re responding with training programmes that help our workforce stay up to date—not only with changing technologies and subject-area knowledge, but with market trends as well. To meet these challenges, we’re evaluating and educating our employees and mapping out career paths for them from a Group-wide perspective, relying on the twin principles of career mobility and universal training to ensure success for each employee and strong performance for the Group as a whole.