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More support services

To make your journey even more comfortable and stress-free, we offer a range of additional support services to complement our Accès Plus, Accès TER, Accès Plus Transilien and Accès Synchro disability support programmes. We’ve got you covered, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your journey.

Book now

To learn more, ask for an estimate or order Door-to-Train service. We’re at your service Monday through Saturday, from 09.00 to 18.00. Simply dial 36 35 from inside France and press 46 or say “accompagnement”. You’ll pay €0.40 per minute, including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider.

SNCF accepts employment vouchers in payment for Door-to-Train service, and you may also qualify for a tax deduction. Feel free to ask when you call us—we’re here to help.

With you from
door to train

Travel isn’t always easy. A suitcase, a couple of tote bags and a few bulky personal items, and suddenly you’re overburdened—a challenge that’s even greater if your mobility is limited. But with our Door-to-Train service, you can get from home to your seat on a TGV or Intercités train with confidence.

How it works
A travel assistant comes to pick you up, makes sure that everything in your home is in order, and helps with your luggage (up to 3 bags per journey).

Before your train leaves, your assistant will punch your ticket and take care of any last-minute shopping. Then he or she will help you find and board your coach, get you settled in your seat and stow your luggage aboard the train.

If you'd like your Door-to-Train service to continue through your final destination, just let us know when you book your ticket.

Door-to-Train service is useful if:

  • you have a disability or limited mobility, and you hold a disability card, a priority seating card, a disabled parking badge, a military medical discharge or a military pensioner’s card
  • you use a wheelchair and come to the station with it
  • you are over 60 and want to travel with confidence
  • you are pregnant or travelling with young children
  • your minor child needs to travel alone

Our Door-to-Train service also pairs well with Accès Plus, a service that provides a companion to meet you at the station and escort you to your train. The two services can easily be combined—simply inform your adviser when you book your Door-to-Train service, and your call will be transferred, enabling you to book both at the same time.

Les Compagnons
du Voyage

Created in 1993, Les Compagnons du Voyage are a French non-profit service association that provides travelling companions for children, the elderly and the disabled on journeys in France and abroad—whether you travel occasionally or regularly, 

Les Compagnons du Voyage are at your service seven days a week and will accompany you for any reason related to your personal situation. For example, you qualify for their assistance if:

  • you're travelling between school and home
  • you need to go to therapy and doctors’ appointments during the day
  • you need help finding your way
  • you're returning home after a hospital stay
  • your child needs an escort for travel outside the Paris region
  • you enjoy cultural or extracurricular activities

You can pay the fee for Les Compagnons du Voyage with an employment voucher, and a portion of the cost is tax deductible. Depending on your situation and the terms of your disability card, your travelling companion may also qualify for a 50% fare discount or even a free ticket.

Learn more about pricing for Compagnons du Voyage services

Book now

By telephone

To book this service, call +33 1 58 76 08 33 (You pay the cost of the call, plus any fees charged by your service provider.)

Handy information

Under French law, you are not required to muzzle your guide dog if you have documents showing that he is properly trained.

You may be asked to produce these documents for your guide or companion dog when you travel, so please be sure to bring them with you.

Your guide dog

If you’re blind or visually impaired, your guide dog travels with you for free and requires no ticket on any SNCF train, anywhere in France. If you are travelling outside France, you may be required to pay for your guide dog. Be sure to ask about this when you book and before you depart.

Junior & Cie

Is your child travelling solo over a weekend or during the holidays? With our Junior & Cie service, children ages 4 to 14 can travel to over 120 stations as part of a supervised group with a trained group leader to ensure that your child has a safe, fun journey.

How does it work? 
Group leaders look after your children throughout their journey, from their departure station all the way to their destination station. Trained, experienced* group leaders take charge of a small group of no more than 11 children, suggesting games and other entertaining activities. At the destination station, your child is personally delivered to the adult you have designated to meet him or her.

* Group leaders come from H2A Group, a service provider recognized for the professionalism of its guides and companions.

Booking Junior & Cie:

  • fees for this service begin at €32*, in addition to the cost of your child’s train ticket
  • booking is required. Booking opens 3 months before the travel date at the earliest, and continues up to 8 days before departure when you order by phone or over the Internet
  • in SNCF sales offices, stations and authorized travel agencies, you may book as late as the day before departure
  • a parent or legal guardian must book on the child’s behalf

* Pricing at 02 January 2014

Book Junior & Cie for your child

By telephone

Call 36 35 and say “Junior & Cie” or “Accompagnement” (You pay €0.34 per minute including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider.)