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Live train-tracking service discontinued

Our live geolocation tool is no longer available, but you can still get the passenger information you need. Find out how.

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The geolocation service that tracked your SNCF train in real time is no longer available, but you can use other tools to get live updates on station timetables and changing traffic conditions.

Get information on your train with our passenger information module...

You can get details on your journey from the passenger information module on our website.

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Enter your train number to access your entire itinerary and see a detailed schedule, with departure station, station stops, possible stopping time and arrival station. If there’s a disruption, the module will incorporate the new information in real time.

Get information on your train

... or use the SNCF Connect app

Download the SNCF Connect app, and you’ll always have the travel information you need. Use the app to get real-time traffic info and live updates on your journeys.

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