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Passenger information module: How it works

With our passenger information module, you can plan and optimize any journey, regardless of transport mode. You can also book train tickets and get station timetables and traffic updates in real time.

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Four functions

Need to attend a business meeting in another part of town—or another part of France? Joining friends at a new bar, or camping with your family over the weekend? Or perhaps it’s time to take a long-awaited holiday. No matter where you’re headed or what type of transport you choose, our real-time passenger information module can make your journey easier.

It’s available in French, German and English, and you can access it from our homepage. Use it to handle four main functions:

  • find a route
  • check station timetables (upcoming departures)
  • find a train by number
  • book a train

Find a route

Access this function from:

  • our homepage or
  • our “Find your door-to-door route” page

From there, enter your points of departure and arrival. These can take the form of an address, a city, a station or a place of interest, such as the Eiffel Tower.

Go to our homepage

Go to the “Find your door-to-door route” page

Want to refine your search?

If you’d like to compare different options, you can use four additional filters:

  • desired date and time of departure
  • desired date and time of arrival
  • preferred transport modes (train, automobile, bicycle, and urban or regional transport networks)
  • lines you’d like to avoid (in the Paris region)

Note: if you access the module from our homepage, look for the “Change” button in the upper right-hand corner. Once you’ve launched your search, click on it to reach the Advanced Search form.

Choose the best option

Once you’ve entered your search, go to the Results page to view detailed descriptions of your options: estimated departure and arrival times, transport modes and travel time.

When you select a route, you’ll see a page that describes your itinerary step by step, listing all connections (with corresponding times), the stations served (including stopping time), and the carbon footprint for your route.

Naturally your results will reflect updated passenger information in real time, particularly in the event of engineering works and disruptions.

Check station timetables

Access this function from:

  • our homepage or
  • our “Check station timetables and services” page

Once there, you can enter the name of the station.

View train timetables in real time

Once you’ve entered your search, go to the Results page.

For each station, you can access departure and arrival timetables for all trains, RER commuter service (in the Paris region) and TER coaches, along with the corresponding track numbers. In some stations, you’ll also get the same kind of information for urban transport options.

If there is a service disruption, the timetables will adjust in real time.

Your Results page also offers access to information on in-station services, including shops, restaurants, toilets, public transport, Grand Voyageur lounges, ticket windows and defibrillators.

Find a train by number

Access this function from:

  • our homepage or
  • from our “Get information on your train” page

Once there, you can enter your train number (one to six digits).

Track your train’s progress in real time

Once you’ve entered your search, go to the Results page, which shows the train’s entire route with corresponding times:

  • departure station
  • stations served and possible stopping times
  • arrival station

If there is a service disruption, your results will adjust in real time.

The Results page also provides information on booking conditions (booking required, not required or recommended) along with all on-board services, including accessibility for persons with limited mobility, Junior & Cie service, the café-bar, bicycle transport, food and beverage trolleys and nursery areas.

IMPORTANT: Occasionally two different trains will be assigned the same number. In those cases, please select one based on these criteria:

  • carrier (such as TGV INOUI, TER, Intercités or OUIGO)
  • departure and arrival stations
  • timetables
  • duration of journey