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Promoting academic success and entrepreneurship in Morocco

SNCF Foundation is working with two Moroccan non-profits—Sanady Foundation and Injaz—to help children learn more in school and encourage Moroccan teens to launch business projects with a social conscience.

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Boosting academic performance with Sanady Foundation

According to the latest assessment tests, Sanady Foundation is helping Moroccan children do better in school, raising scores by 20% in French and 58% in maths over barely two years. 

Created in 2009, this non-profit helps children succeed in school, and since 2016 SNCF Foundation has supported its work on the ground.  The three-year partnership focuses on teaching French and mathematics, serving nearly 200 young people in two primary schools and a secondary school in the northern city of Kenitra.

One source of the programme’s success is the “Reading Machine,”1 an app developed by the prominent linguist Alain Bentolila and his team.

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Teaching business skills with Injaz

Classroom meets boardroom at Injaz, a non-profit that prepares students for achievement in the business world.

The SNCF Foundation supports an Injaz project called Éducation à la citoyenneté, a three-year civic engagement programme with a learn-by-doing philosophy. Girls and boys ages 16 to 18 are encouraged to develop initiative and entrepreneurship as they work on business projects that serve the greater good.

Their task: Identify a problem faced by a vulnerable group in society and offer practical, inclusive solutions. To date, the project has attracted some 1,500 young people and generated around 40 projects—and one graduate’s proposal is already making life easier for people with disabilities.

1,500 young people working towards the greater good

SNCF in Morocco

In 2009 Morocco chose SNCF Group to provide project management support for Al Boraq, Africa’s first high-speed rail line, and a team of SNCF experts began working with Moroccan National Railways (ONCF) on the technical deliverables. 

On 15 November 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron and SNCF Executive Board Chairman Guillaume Pepy joined King Mohammed VI of Morocco to inaugurate Al Boraq, which links Tangier to Casablanca in just 2h10.

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 1 The Reading Machine app, developed by a team of researchers at Université René Descartes de Paris V, allows students to read at home on tablets provided by Sanady Foundation.