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Employee development

At SNCF we recognize that our people are vital to the success of our business—which is why we’re working to boost employee satisfaction, support managers and build strong bonds within the Group.

Well-being in the workplace

At SNCF we believe in practicing good corporate citizenship and being accessible to all, so we’ve put quality of life in the workplace at the centre of our corporate strategy. We’re working across a range of areas to meet employees’ expectations and promote their growth, both personal and professional. Efforts include:

  • helping employees adapt to changing technologies and job requirements
  • increasing career mobility at Group level
  • fighting discrimination
  • applying the principles of secularism and religious neutrality
  • taking a proactive approach to hiring permanent employees

What we’re doing

Keeping our people safe

We’ve pledged to cut the rate of workplace accidents by 10% in 2017. To reach this goal, in January 2016 we created the position of Deputy CEO, Safety, taking a simpler, more unified approach to safety issues across the company.

Preventing workplace stress

To address this challenge, we’re working on three different fronts: primary prevention (before something happens), secondary prevention (treatment) and tertiary prevention (helping people who are struggling).

Helping disadvantaged youth find jobs

Under partnerships with the French education system and other entities, we’re setting up a programme that helps young people chart a successful career path. Under this programme, which focuses especially on disadvantaged areas, participants learn about the world of work and explore career options.

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Building community in the workplace

We recognize that our employees are critical to our success, so we take diversity and gender balance very seriously. We believe in three core principles:

  • gender balance and equality in the workplace
  • jobs for people with disabilities
  • diversity

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Training for success

SNCF employs people in over 150 different lines of work. To give them job security and good career options for the future, we’re developing programmes that will help them adapt their skills to new positions and new fields in a fast-changing market. We also use training to meet some of our biggest challenges, including rail safety and digital transformation. In 2016, 78% of our employees participated in training.

Employability at SNCF

We support employees as they move through their careers, using evaluations and training to help them keep pace with changing markets and job requirements.

Our ambitious career mobility policy

At SNCF, internal mobility for our employees is a priority. Why? Because it offers an opportunity for people from different career paths and business cultures to trade experiences and best practices, creating diversity that benefits us all.

To ensure internal mobility for our employees, we’ve launched several initiatives:

  • mobility initiative centres that offer various types of support—including forums, training, and help with business projects—to employees whose positions are eliminated
  • innovative new systems that help employees transition to new situations, support them when they are temporarily unable to work, and teach them new skills
  • internal recruitment, with a strong commitment to making our own workers more employable and earning their loyalty by offering attractive career options.


Labour-management dialogue

In 2016 SNCF gained a number of new representative bodies for employees, while 604 workplace health and safety committees were renewed.

And since 2013, a Group-wide European Works Council has served as a forum for cross-border dialogue on strategic priorities, as well as business and labour trends within the company.

Responsible management

In 2014 we created a Manager Support Agency to help managers throughout SNCF develop the skills they need to work strategically with their employees and prevent or resolve difficult conflicts.

The agency also oversees professionalization of in-house support specialists such as consultants, coaches and mediators, and selects outside providers based on criteria recognized by each profession. Its aim: promote cross-functionality, communication between the Group’s EPICs and cooperation across business lines.

In another milestone, the Railway Training Institute (IFF) in Rabat opened its doors on March 30, 2016. Founded under a partnership between SNCF and Moroccan National Railways (ONCF), IFF teaches rail skills and expertise to nearly 200 French and Moroccan trainees each week.

Cultivating entrepreneurship

SNCF Développement, our entrepreneurship subsidiary, helps employee-entrepreneurs maximize their chances of success by:

  • offering them personalized support
  • sharing expertise
  • connecting them with quality partners in law, accounting and communications

Since 2011, SNCF Développement has helped over 100 rail workers start new businesses.