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Delivering sustainable mobility for people and goods means solving a number of problems—keeping our network safe, preventing delinquency, satisfying customers, delivering door-to-door solutions and more. At SNCF, we’re meeting these challenges with concrete action and innovation.

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Making safety our No. 1 value

High safety standards are the first requirement for a rail system people can trust. To meet this commitment, we’re focusing on two key areas:

  • strengthening SNCF’s corporate safety culture with Prisme, a safety excellence programme we launched in 2015
  • maintaining the quality and reliability of our infrastructure, track, bridges and other structures

In 2016, we invested over €5 billion in network maintenance and expansion, with 1,500 projects across France, around half of them carried out at night.

School outreach

Building on ten successful years together, SNCF and the French education system recently signed a new agreement aimed at teaching young people how to use the rail system responsibly.

Under this partnership, we provide teachers with instructional materials, and SNCF employees make pro bono presentations in classrooms—all designed to raise awareness of rail safety and good citizenship among students.

Preventing anti-social behaviour

In our stations and aboard our trains, some 2,800 highly trained SNCF security personnel keep everyone safe, and video surveillance systems monitor many areas as well.

In addition, our employees participate in prevention and awareness-raising programmes aimed particularly at young people.

Getting there on time

One of our top priorities is improving the on-time performance of the 15,500 trains that run on our network every day. To meet this goal, we’ve launched massive engineering works, focusing especially on Transilien, the commuter rail system in the Paris region.

Giving you better information

Some of you prefer to contact us digitally, while others prefer face-to-face interaction. To meet everyone’s expectations, we’re focusing on:

  • successfully managing our entire service chain, both digital and human, across all channels
  • having SNCF employees on the ground
  • ensuring that every customer contact with drivers and in-station personnel meets high quality standards


Compensation for all

At SNCF, we exceed European standards for compensation. If your Intercités or TGV (including Ouigo) train is late by 30 minutes or more, we’ll compensate you, no matter what caused the delay—a suspicious package, bad weather, track problems or anything else.

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Expanding door-to-door service

Because door-to-door transport of people and goods is critical to shared mobility, we’re developing solutions to round out our rail offer—so you always have access to personalized solutions for your transport needs.
New developments include:

  • a door-to-door module, in the SNCF app and on, that passengers can use to organize end-to-end travel—before, during and after their train journey
  • an end-to-end freight offer through our subsidiary SNCF Logistics, combining rail with sea, air and road transport

Learn more about end-to-end shipping solutions from Geodis, an SNCF Logistics company

Learn more about Fret SNCF’s end-to-end offer in Europe

Expanding shared mobility for passengers

One critical component of sustainable mobility is shared mobility (such as car-sharing and ride-sharing) for both passengers and freight. This is why we’ve invested in the shared mobility market and are helping to expand it. Our goal: ensure that shared mobility accounts for 30% of all travel by 2030.

Making freight more intermodal

To meet the environmental challenges raised by urban logistics, we’re working to make the last mile more intermodal. In 2014 Geodis launched Megacities, a working group tasked with developing sustainable logistics for deliveries to the heart of major urban areas.

Paris, Shanghai and Mexico City were selected as pilot cities for this offer, which includes:

  • consulting on urban mobility issues
  • creating and managing consolidation centres
  • offering the right technical solutions for each customer’s needs


New mobilities

New mobilities are essential to the growth of sustainable mobility. Our door-to-door programme is designed to promote:

  • car-sharing, ride-sharing and other new uses for vehicles
  • use of electric vehicles, bike-sharing and other low-carbon transport solutions

Close-up: iDVROOM

iDVROOM is a nationwide on-line platform that connects drivers and passengers for both regular and one-off journeys. Now France’s No. 1 short-distance ride-share solution for commuters, it rounds out rail mobility by making it easier for travellers to reach the station. We’ve also developed a business offer for the daily commute between home and work.

Mobile Lives Forum: Envisioning the mobilities of the future

Founded in 2011, the Mobile Lives Forum is a think tank supported by SNCF. At a time when we can no longer ignore the challenges facing our environment, our energy system and our democracies, the Forum is a place where thinkers, researchers, artists and transport practitioners come together to envision the sustainable mobilities we want and make them a reality.

Learn more about the Mobile Lives Forum (in French)