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In 2004, SNCF became one of the first companies to sign the Diversity Charter. Since then, we’ve fought actively against all forms of discrimination, through our employee hotline and other targeted efforts.

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Three core commitments

Fighting all forms of discrimination is a top priority for our gender balance policy, which relies on support from within—not only from managers, but from every SNCF employee.

Our campaign against discrimination is built on three core commitments:

  • eliminate discrimination from every step of the recruitment process
  • make all employees aware of the consequences of discrimination—under SNCF policy and under the law—and the damage it can do to team unity
  • create the right conditions for a discrimination-free working environment

These efforts are essential, both to fulfil our social responsibility as an employer and to create the sense of community that we want SNCF to have.

Learn more about our Diversity Charter

Why diversity matters

Our business puts us at the heart of French life—a rich tapestry of different ages, education levels and abilities that is mirrored in our workforce. Which is why cultivating diversity and recognizing the talents of each employee are among our most important goals.

How we’re fighting discrimination

To build community within SNCF, we’ve launched targeted programmes and urged every employee to get involved.

Employee hotline

Since 2012, we’ve expanded our employee hotline to include reporting discriminatory behaviours. Now any SNCF employee who believes that he or she has suffered or witnessed discrimination can report it to our Ethics & Deontology Division.

Training and awareness

Managers and key HR professionals regularly attend training sessions to learn how to identify equal treatment issues and handle them effectively.

Secularism and religious neutrality

When our managers need to handle situations involving religion, they can rely on our in-house guide to applying the principles of secularism and religious neutrality. The guide describes our corporate policy, explains the overall approach managers should adopt, and offers practical advice on dealing with the most common situations.

Managing diversity and gender balance

We offer a comprehensive anti-discrimination kit containing ready-to-use instructional tools on diversity and gender balance—guides, videos, posters and training modules. In 2015, the kit received a Trophées de la Diversité award.

Serious game: ProDiversité

Our training cycle also includes ProDiversité, a serious game that teaches employees how to debunk stereotypes and eliminate discrimination. In 2016, ProDiversité earned a Trophées de la Diversité award.

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