Photo credit (banner): Matthieu Raffard

At SNCF, we see cultural and social diversity as a strength—a critical asset that drives performance and innovation. In particular, we’re working hard to promote equal opportunity through programmes that boost hiring in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Casting a wide net

Our business puts us at the heart of French life—a rich, varied tapestry mirrored by our workforce. Our commitments include:

  • diversifying recruitment by including a broader range of regions, schools, backgrounds and more
  • cultivating partnerships with associations that help the unemployed find work
  • staying open to all forms of apprenticeship and training


“Whatever our differences may be, skill is all that matters. This conviction should be shared by every man and woman at SNCF, at every level.”

Catherine Woronoff Argaud, head of Diversity and Gender Balance at SNCF

Fostering equal opportunity

At SNCF, we’ve championed equal opportunity for years, thanks to our powerful social and regional networks. We actively seek men and women from disadvantaged neighbourhoods who are largely left out of traditional recruitment, offering them a range of ways to join our workforce.

Equality and Skill-Building events 

For over ten years we’ve organized Equality and Skill-Building recruitment events in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, working in partnership with associations and local employment advocates. We’ve now hired over 7,000 talented employees through this programme.

Volunteer military service

Under a partnership with the French Army, we’re helping young people with limited qualifications get a start in the working world. Our programme provides remedial education and teaches participants how to live with others for six to 12 months, beginning in select military units and then transitioning to job training at an SNCF facility.

Jobs of the Future

Under this French government initiative, launched in 2013, we offer individualized training to disadvantaged young people ages 18 to 25. The programme includes:

  • remedial instruction
  • pre-qualification training programs
  • insights into life in the workplace
  • individualized support and feedback

In all, we’ve signed over 750 contracts with Jobs of the Future candidates.