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SNCF is a place of diversity. Every day, we benefit from the skills of nearly 6,600 employees with disabilities, who contribute to every area of our business. Our commitment is clear: enable everyone to find their place at SNCF. Disability should never be an obstacle.

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Collective agreements—a roadmap for action

For over 25 years, SNCF has actively pursued an employment policy that supports workers with disabilities. In 2018, we signed our eighth collective agreement on employment for people with disabilities. 

This four-year accord is built on a series of strong commitments:

  • take people with disabilities into account, with respect and good will 
  • recruit and accommodate employees, interns and work-study participants with disabilities
  • raise awareness among managers who supervise people with disabilities 
  • make training accessible throughout each employee’s professional life
  • make every effort to keep workers with disabilities on the job and provide career opportunities for them 
  • change attitudes towards disabilities by spotlighting positive experiences 
  • conduct a survey on the work life of employees with disabilities
  • use our procurement policy to encourage other companies to hire workers with disabilities 


Putting inclusion into practice

At SNCF, we’re working to recruit people with disabilities, welcome them into the workplace, and keep them on the job when a disability emerges in mid-career.

This includes modifying work stations, adjusting schedules and reassigning tasks within teams wherever possible. 

Similarly, our approach to career paths and professional development is based on skills—not the imagined limitations of a disability. 

And when an employee really can’t continue in the same position, we believe that it’s our responsibility to help them transition to a new line of work.

Hantrain project

Our Hantrain work-study training programme is designed specifically for jobseekers with disabilities. Once participants have earned their diplomas and won the endorsement of their host unit for their service-oriented mindset, we offer them a job. 

Through Hantrain, applicants learn the skills they need for core SNCF job categories, such as train maintenance worker, catenary technician, signaller and in-station customer care agent.


work-study participants recruited since Hantrain was created

Duo Day

In 2020 we participated in our second consecutive Duo Day, an equal employment event that fights stereotypes and opens up new possibilities for people with disabilities. Over the course of the day, people with disabilities shadow participating employees to learn about their work, their skillsets and the qualities they need to succeed in their chosen profession. Meanwhile, the host employees share what they like about their jobs and describe their daily routines.

Duo Days are held internationally, with a variety of companies participating. In France, the event is organized by the Minister of State with responsibility for Disability Issues.

At SNCF, encouraging diversity and inclusion is more than just saying the right things and having good intentions. It means taking action, every step of the way, to move all of us forward together. It’s part of our values. Duo Day is a tangible expression of our engagement and openness.

Jean-Pierre Farandou, SNCF Chairman and CEO

Showcasing best practices

In 2019 we created our Challenge Initiatives Handicap to highlight best practices and broadly scalable innovations for accommodating people with disabilities—from welcoming an intern to recruiting new hires to keeping an employee with disabilities on the job. 

Fighting prejudice with video

In 2018 we marked European Disability Employment Week by releasing Handicapé.e n’est pas mon métier, a series of videos for the web. Designed to fight the prejudices often associated with disability in the workplace, the series profiles SNCF employees with disabilities and their managers, highlighting their skills and career opportunities. 

In the video below, you’ll meet Moussa.

Handicapé·e n'est pas mon métier - Moussa, chef d'embarquement chez SNCF