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SNCF au Féminin: Our mission

We’re pushing the boundaries of gender balance with SNCF au Féminin, an in-house network that’s dedicated to women but open to men. Our purpose? Strengthen the role of women within SNCF Group, shape the management culture, and change attitudes.

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Listening, sharing and building a community

Launched in January 2012, the SNCF au Féminin network gives women employees a place to meet, talk about their work and careers, share stories and exchange contacts.

Thanks to its 6,000 members—both women and men—we’re fostering mutual help and inclusion within an active community, encouraging the Group to change and improve every day.

The network holds regular gatherings:

  • meetings in Paris and other regions, where members can share experiences and inspiration completely outside the workplace hierarchy

  • “think&do tanks” that encourage everyone to reflect on key issues

The SNCF au Féminin website is exclusively for Group employees. They can use it to:

  • keep up with the network’s activities
  • communicate with other SNCF au Féminin members throughout France in real time
  • learn what SNCF Group is doing to promote gender balance
  • track international news and best practices aimed at enhancing the place of women in business and in society as a whole.

Staying close

Every day, our women ambassadors keep the network going throughout France. In addition to encouraging everyone to develop their talents to the full, SNCF au Féminin members support women in fields where they are underrepresented.

Video : Les missions de SNCF au Féminin

Boosting performance

Thanks to SNCF au Féminin, women have a stronger voice within the Group, strengthening its commitment to innovation and sustainability and giving everyone the benefit of their expertise.

The network is also a force for corporate transformation and performance, with working groups to carry out studies, make recommendations and generate bold new ideas.

SNCF au Féminin:

  • makes the Group more successful and socially responsible
  • moves its leadership towards a new vision
  • brings a woman’s perspective to management and the organization of work at SNCF

Making a difference

SNCF au Féminin is France’s largest professional network for women. Every day, its members work to:

  • encourage gender balance
  • propose new management practices that help women advance within the company
  • help decision makers move beyond preconceived ideas
  • convince management and co-workers of women’s skills and expertise
  • support individual efforts

As more and more women join SNCF au Féminin, awareness of their efforts will increase, positioning them to make tangible, effective contributions to the Group’s success.