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For 25 years, the SNCF Foundation has partnered with non-profits to help the vulnerable. 

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2021-2025: a new mission

For 25 years the SNCF Foundation has played a major role in corporate sponsorship and community service in France, backing non-profit projects that have benefited a wide range of vulnerable groups. In 2020 alone, we supported over 700 non-profit projects at national and regional level.

For the period 2021-2025, our priority is helping young people find their place in society. This new mission focuses on two main goals: helping young people take an active role in their careers and civic life, and supporting them as they work to improve the environment in their own communities.

As part of our continuing commitment to community service and good corporate citizenship, we’re contributing more than ever to the Group’s efforts to promote inclusion and social and regional cohesion, in partnership with SNCF employees.

Focus areas

SNCF Group employees work with the Foundation through our skills-sharing programme and through Coups de Cœur Solidaires, a programme that encourages staff to champion their favourite causes. We often work through mentoring and sponsorship arrangements, strengthening our ties to local communities through a nationwide network of representatives.

Building a life

We help young people build their futures with confidence, so they can become responsible citizens and take charge of their own lives. How? By helping them get an education, and by encouraging them to focus their skills on projects that will benefit their communities and civic life.

Working for the environment

We support young people who want to take action for the environment by backing local projects that will deliver tangible results and help revitalize their communities over the long term.

An innovative approach

Local ties

At SNCF Foundation, we want our programmes to meet real needs in real communities. That’s why we’ve cultivated a network of 15 regional representatives with first-hand knowledge of issues and players on the ground. We rely on them to forge partnerships with non-profits and track the progress of each project.


The Foundation acts as a skills and resource platform for regions and SNCF Group companies, harnessing our knowledge of the non-profit and public interest community to give advice, evaluate projects, identify strong non-profit partners, and provide legal and tax support. As we enter this new five-year period, our ability to innovate and co-create with these partners is more important than ever.

Employee engagement

We encourage SNCF Group employees to get involved by putting their expertise to work for non-profit organizations—even when they’re on the clock.

Over the past 5 years, 7,000 of our people have stepped up for community service:

  • 2,500 spent their own time working on non-profit projects that received Foundation funding through our Coups de Cœur Solidaires program.
  • 4,500 contributed work hours to short-term skills-sharing projects benefiting our non-profit partners.

Our work around the world

SNCF Group does business worldwide, and the Foundation works with employees and local non-profit communities in a variety of countries, backing public interest projects that support young people and education. In this new five-year period, we’re working with our partners to co-create initiatives that benefit young people and environmental action.


The SNCF Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which oversees a national team and a network of regional representatives.

François Nogué

President, SNCF Foundation

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Mikaël Lemarchand

Director of Social Engagement and the Ecological Transition, SNCF Group

Vice-President, SNCF Foundation

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Laetitia Gourbeille

Managing Director, SNCF Foundation

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the Foundation’s strategy and chooses its focus areas. The Board also oversees major programmes, adopts the budget, and approves the annual report and financial statements. 

The list of directors includes SNCF Group Board members, employee representatives and other qualified individuals.

National team

The national team deploys the Foundation’s strategy and coordinates with its partners at regional, national and international level. 

Regional team

A network of regional representatives manages the Foundation’s programmes on the ground.