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For 25 years, the SNCF Foundation has partnered with non-profit organizations to help the disadvantaged. 

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At a glance

The SNCF Foundation helps vulnerable groups in France and abroad by supporting projects in three areas: education, culture and solidarity.  It’s one of the ways we put our commitment to corporate social responsibility into practice, drawing on skills and expertise we’ve accumulated since 1995.

In 2019, the Foundation worked with non-profits to support 700 regional and nationwide projects in its three focus areas.

Focus areas

We get SNCF Group employees involved through our skills-sharing programme and through Coups de Cœur solidaires, a programme that allows our people to champion their favourite causes. The Foundation promotes co-creation as the most efficient way to get results, forging ties with local communities through a network of representatives on the ground.


The Foundation’s education projects build a brighter future for disadvantaged youth by helping them acquire core knowledge in reading, writing and maths, as well as the digital skills they need to take their place as full members of society.


In communities with little exposure to the arts, Foundation projects make culture more widely accessible and encourage people to take an active role in creating music and theatre.


The Foundation launches projects that foster gender balance, social cohesion and civic responsibility. By putting these principles into practice, we build a better life together, change attitudes toward disabilities, forge better relationships between the generations, and promote the core values of our society.

Guiding principles

Regional ties

We’re committed to meeting real needs in real communities. The Foundation has a network of 14 regional representatives with first-hand knowledge of local issues and local players, and it relies on them to forge partnerships with non-profits and track each project’s progress.


Co-creation means working with a variety of partners, pooling resources, getting maximum return on effort and building shared momentum within regional communities.

Employee engagement

We encourage our people to get involved by putting their expertise to work for non-profit organizations—even when they’re on the clock. Our skills-sharing programme has already attracted over 4,000 employees, whose efforts have supported around 100 non-profits. 

The Foundation also supports some 400 non-profit projects annually through our Coups de Cœur solidaires programme, which gives SNCF Group employees the opportunity to champion their favourite causes.


The SNCF Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which oversees a national team and a network of regional representatives.

Mikaël Lemarchand

Director of Social Engagement and the Ecological Transition, SNCF Group

Vice-President, SNCF Foundation

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Laetitia Gourbeille

Managing Director, SNCF Foundation

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the Foundation’s strategy and chooses its focus areas. The Board also oversees major programmes, adopts the budget, and approves the annual report and financial statements. 

The list of directors includes SNCF Group Board members, employee representatives and other qualified individuals.

National team

The national team deploys the Foundation’s strategy and coordinates its partners at regional, national and international level. 

Regional team

A network of regional representatives manages the Foundation’s programmes on the ground.