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Since 1995, the Foundation has worked to fulfil its mission: building a better life together. Learn more about its 25-year history.

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Fondation SNCF - Histoire d’un engagement

1995-2000: Harnessing the commitment of our employees

In 1995 we created the SNCF Solidarity Foundation as part of the nationwide Fondation de France philanthropic network: SNCF provided annual funding of €150,000, and Fondation de France handled the day-to-day management. It was during this period that the Foundation launched Coups de Cœur Solidaires, a programme that encourages volunteering and allows employees to request funding for their favourite causes.

2001-2005: Going corporate

In 2001, the SNCF Solidarity Foundation became an independent corporate foundation, but its purpose remained unchanged—to encourage and support the community service work of current and former employees. Annual funding rose to €700,000, and the Foundation joined Admical, a highly respected corporate philanthropy network.

2006-2010: Forging regional ties

During this period our regional network consisted of 22 representatives supporting community service work throughout France. The budget grew to €2 million, and projects focused on four causes—literacy, education through sport, mobility in Europe and helping the unemployed find work.

2011-2015: A new beginning

The newly renamed SNCF Foundation also had a new mission: helping young people build a future through projects focused on literacy and mobility. The Foundation also adopted a skills-sharing programme, and took its first steps towards co-creation and international action. Meanwhile, its annual budget increased from €2 million to €3 million.

2016-2020: Group-wide support

Backed by SNCF, SNCF Mobilités, SNCF Réseau, SNCF Logistics and Keolis, the SNCF Foundation is now a Group-wide effort with three focus areas: education, culture and solidarity. Its most powerful assets are close regional ties, co-creation and employee engagement, and its budget is now €5 million a year.

In January 2019 the SNCF Foundation founded a skills-sharing alliance, with a manifesto signed by 17 corporate leaders.

2021-2025: A new mission

In 2020, the Covid pandemic showed how far-reaching our work can be, and how vital it is for our employees to partner with non-profits.

From 2021 to 2025, the Foundation will build on these assets and refocus our mission. Our annual budget of €4.5 million will concentrate primarily on young people who need help to find their place in society and build a sustainable future for themselves.