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Calls for projects

Here you’ll find open calls for projects from the SNCF Foundation. Apprendre pour grandir is designed for non-profits and Coups de Cœur solidaires is for SNCF employees.

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What does it mean for the SNCF Foundation to issue a call for projects?

Every year, the Foundation provides funding to projects that serve disadvantaged groups. To be considered, you must respond to our call for projects.

Open calls for projects

Apprendre pour grandir

This call for projects is permanently open to education non-profits that help students master core skills. Selection panels meet twice a year, in late June/early July and again in late November/early December. 

The Foundation will consider projects in two categories:

  • Young children ages 0-6: proposals should help participants acquire essential skills—reading, writing, counting and speaking
  • Adolescents ages 11-18: proposals should develop digital proficiency as a skill in its own right

Want to submit a proposal for your non-profit?

Submission of proposals for the second 2020 selection panel have closed.

View the guidelines for this call for projects

For more information, please send an e-mail to:

  • 23

    projects on childhood education received funding in 2019

  • 22

    projects on digital skills for adolescents received funding in 2019

Six winning projects


This project, managed by Promotion de la lecture, teaches young children in the Burgundy region to love reading. Parents, volunteers and education professionals lend a hand.

Cap contes vers la lecture

Fleurs de contes, a non-profit based in the Loire Valley region, teaches the art of storytelling to four- and five-year-olds.

Mission Kamishibaï - Petite Bibliothèque Ronde de Clamart

This programme, launched in the Paris region by the non-profit Societies, encourages children to read with kamishibai, a Japanese storytelling technique based on picture scrolls.

Tutorat numérique dans les quartiers

Expli’Cité offers academic support in French and maths to young people ages 7-18 in the Paris region.


In this project, the non-profit Colombus offers an introduction to computer programming to teens in working-class neighbourhoods of Paris, Evry and Toulouse.

My planet, my neighbourhood

Lyon-based Imagineo encourages students to create podcasts that address global issues through the lens of their own neighbourhoods.

Coups de Cœur solidaires

If you’re an SNCF Group employee, there’s another way to help people in need—request funding for your favourite cause through our Coups de Cœur solidaires programme. 

Every year, the Foundation selects some 400 projects for grants of €1,000-€2,000.



non-profit projects supported in 2019

Three winning organizations


Championed by Pascal Carré, an SNCF employee in the Centre-Val de Loire region, Puzzle bridges the digital divide by organizing IT courses for residents of rural communities.

Cadet Roussel

Sandra Cottebrune, who works at Keolis Caen Mobilités in Normandy, volunteers with Cadet Roussel, a non-profit that offers activities to children on the paediatric oncology ward at Caen University Hospital.

La Chorba

Quentin Régnier, an SNCF employee in the Paris region, made the case for La Chorba, which prepares meals from unsold supermarket food and distributes them to the needy.