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Banking on solar power

SNCF is a crucial player in France’s energy transition. To fulfil this responsibility, we’re expanding our use of photovoltaic panels to generate our own power and bring new life to disused rail properties.

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Growing our solar footprint wherever we can

Solar and other renewable energies give us a real opportunity to make profitability go hand in hand with sustainability—which is why we’re putting more solar farms and rooftop installations on SNCF land and carparks.

SNCF parie sur les panneaux solaires

Our commitments to solar energy

Working with SNCF Immobilier, our real estate arm, we’re advancing the energy transition through three commitments to solar energy: 

  • make a detailed inventory of all spaces of 2 ha or more where photovoltaic panels could be installed
  • give priority to solar power projects on suitable plots of land 
  • develop self-consumption projects for SNCF buildings, and roll out rooftop solar installations progressively at all major facilities, spanning as much as 16 ha

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