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At SNCF, we’re committed to transforming freight and passenger mobility, to deliver a seamless, effortless experience that works for all our customers.

At SNCF, we’re championing digital technologies, upgrading our network, changing how we provide information, and more. Our pioneering offer harnesses the power of innovation to deliver optimum-quality services tailored to new needs and new lifestyles.

Growing rail, growing beyond rail

As sweeping social change disrupts the mobility market, rail is still the heart of our business. But we’re deeply committed to offering multiple forms of transport—which is why we’re developing new solutions for shared, intermodal mobility solutions that are accessible to all.  

A wide range of shared transport solutions

Our subsidiary Keolis is a global pioneer in multimodal transport, with a presence in 16 countries on four continents. It operates trains, light rail, ride-sharing and bicycle services, metros, all-electric autonomous shuttles, buses, coaches and more, carrying 3.3 billion passengers a year.

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Keolis leads the world in automated metros and light rail

Sustainable, innovative freight transport

As part of our commitment to increasing the modal share of rail freight, we’re offering new road-rail combined transport services to our customers. Aim: create a seamless, optimized logistics chain that makes freight transport more eco-friendly.

More flexibility for low-density regions with Ke’Op

In areas with little urban development, innovative automobile alternatives are still hard to find. That’s why our Keolis subsidiary launched Ke’Op, a real-time, on-demand shared mobility service in the Bordeaux region. This innovation solution works with a dedicated app that customers can use to book rides in one of ten 8-seat people carriers covering the region—even at the last minute. It’s a new way to travel that’s convenient, economical and more eco-friendly.

Upgrading our network

Whether you’re a passenger, a shipper or a rail company, you want smooth, on-time transport across our network, and we work hard every day to keep you satisfied.

Low-carbon cornerstone

A viable, well-developed rail system is critical to building a low-carbon economy, so we’re upgrading our infrastructure, adapting to climate change, deploying innovative new tools and continuously improving our network’s performance.

As part of this effort, we’ve launched a sweeping modernization campaign to keep pace with rising network traffic and offer rail solutions that meet the mobility needs of one and all.

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  • 1,600 projects a year through 2020

  • 5.1 bn €

    invested to upgrade and renovate our network

Making climate change a priority

Because rolling stock and rail infrastructure last for 30-100 years, we’re already looking ahead, adapting our rail system to meet the challenges of climate change between now and 2050.

And because these decisions are multi-decade commitments, they’re critically important—not only for SNCF, but for all of France. In response, SNCF Réseau has launched several studies, and we’re already deploying innovative solutions.

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Climate change is already underway, and the French rail network is beginning to feel its effects:

  • rain and snow can damage earthworks, bridges and other structures
  • storms can interrupt the network’s power supply and shut down our signalling system
  • storms and wind can snap catenaries and damage superstructures
  • floods and moisture threaten embankments, foundations, dikes and electrical equipment
  • extreme temperatures can cause rails to expand and even interrupt the network’s power supply
  • drought can affect the foundations of lines and other rail structures

Maintaining and upgrading our track is essential to seamless rail traffic—but it’s a significant investment that requires a diverse range of funding sources. And because modernizing the rail system is essential in the shift to a low-carbon economy, our upgrade projects are eligible for green bonds. Result: SNCF was the world’s first rail operator to issue these eco-friendly instruments.

Early results are encouraging. At the Green Bond Awards 2018, SNCF Réseau won the prize for Impact Report of the Year, and over the next 40 years, SNCF projects funded through green bonds issued in 2016-2017 will avoid an estimated 8.8 million tonnes of CO2e. 

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Reliable, consistent, personalized information with maximum responsiveness

Reliable information is the only way to give our customers the freedom and independence they want, so we’ve launched Information FIRST, a massive overhaul of our passenger information system. Our promise: to give every traveller the right information at the right time.


million passengers travel our lines every day

The resources we need to move forward

Because we serve 5 million customers a day, we need to be able to answer 5 million different questions a day. And the challenge is even greater when service is disrupted.

Reliable passenger information is essential to keeping our customers satisfied and standing out in the market. To measure our progress towards this goal, we’ve adopted six key indicators: 

  • reliability
  • responsiveness
  • proactivity
  • consistency
  • spot satisfaction 
  • volume of customer feedback

We make these indicators available to every SNCF employee, and they motivate all of us, day in and day out.  

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Low-carbon transport aggregator

In 2000, just as the Internet was becoming more widely accessible, we launched the website—the first SNCF subsidiary devoted entirely to growing our business on line. Within just a few months, it had become an e-commerce leader.  

As a digital pioneer and a key player in sustainable, multimodal mobility in Europe, we’re pushing the boundaries of digital technology faster and further to improve passenger service in a sweeping effort to reach every employee in every SNCF company.

Where innovation meets reliability and on-time performance

At SNCF, we’re using new technologies to minimize network and rolling stock incidents and give you the best possible service. Innovations include remote diagnostics, drones and tablets for our employees, predictive maintenance sensors on our track and rolling stock and more.

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Far-reaching digital transformation

On our rail lines and in our stations, offering high-speed Internet access has been our priority, but we’re also harnessing digital innovation to improve all SNCF facilities and operations. To accelerate development of ground-breaking in-house projects, we’ve opened up digital centres where employees can get expert support and work with their peers on exciting new ideas.

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Your new personal mobility assistant

With our all-in-one personal mobility assistant, you can get information, book, pay and validate your ticket from a single app. And soon, use it to plan your journey from door to door, combining a range of low-carbon transport options—trains, buses, ride-sharing and more—in a single ticket. This smart, proactive offer is designed to adapt in real time, meeting your needs as travel conditions change.

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  • 100 M

    tickets sold on in 2018, and our OUI app has been downloaded 17 M times

  • 12 M

    downloads and 40 million visits to the SNCF app per month

Making freight transport easy

In a fast-changing global market that is ever more competitive and complex, we’re positioning ourselves as a transport and logistics facilitator.

Leading from the front

SNCF Logistics is number one for logistics in France and number four in Europe, with increasing expertise in every form of transport: rail, road, air and sea. Backed by our diverse portfolio of subsidiaries—Geodis, TFMM, Ermewa Group and more—we can design customized, end-to-end multimodal shipping solutions that are safe, eco-friendly, and good for your bottom line.

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  • Present in 120 countries and operates 8 rail motorways through its VIIA subsidiary

  • 850 m

    is the record length for trains running on our rail motorways