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Open data

At SNCF, we’re opening our data to everyone. Learn more about how to access and re-use it.

SNCF’s Open Data initiative

Every day, SNCF carries some 10 million passengers. To meet this challenge, we generate and analyse huge volumes of data—timetables, information on station-based equipment and services, on-time performance, lines and connections, accessibility, and more.

By publishing this information at, we’re making our data available to everyone and encouraging the public to re-use it in creative ways. It’s a powerful innovation accelerator, designed to help us deliver smoother, more customized mobility and better passenger information.

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On-time performance data

Explore monthly on-time performance data for our trains.

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Human resources data

Explore data on our workforce

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Safety data

Browse our safety data

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Station data

Explore data from our stations—services, lost property, surveys and more.

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Several of our partners already use the SNCF API to boost their mobility services—why not give it a try? You’ll find a broad spectrum of use cases—travel comparison tools, real-time timetables, chatbots, information on tourist attraction, interactive robotics and more.

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Terms of use for SNCF data

To view and/or use SNCF data, you must accept the General Terms & Conditions of Use and agree to the SNCF Open Data License.

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