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Open data and safety:
a worldwide first

For SNCF, taking an open-data approach to safety incidents is fundamental to our commitment to transparency.

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Transparency and safety

Since 2014, we’ve offered access to all data on safety incidents within our network. Every malfunction—from the smallest to the largest—is recorded and published, with new data released every ten to 15 days. The incident database is one of the largest of the 212 datasets now available on the SNCF Open Data website, and journalists and members of the public can access it at any time, with no need for prior authorization.

Consult our safety incident dataset (French)

Massive dataset

No other rail company in the world publishes datasets on its safety incidents, and this level of openness is not required by any law. We’ve released this information solely in the interest of being transparent with users and our fellow citizens. Our only limit is to protect personal data as required by law.

Inspired by the nuclear industry

France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) has been a transparency pioneer, and in releasing this data we’ve followed its example.