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With our Vigi-express alert system, you can help us keep the French rail network running smoothly. Use the on-line form to report any situation that could affect rail safety.

Access the form (in French)

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Notice something in the rail network that doesn’t seem quite right? Have doubts about something? Use our Vigi-express alert system to let us know. It’s easy to access our reporting form from the link above, and you can even attach a photo to help us identify the problem.

Everyone’s business

Rail safety is everyone’s business. With our Vigi-express alert system, passengers, railway workers and community members can:

  • report any situation that could affect safety
  • improve the traceability of issues reported
  • make the reporting process more reliable from one end of the information chain to the other
  • ensure transparency as reports are escalated and processed

Contact us

You can contact us by phone, or use the on-line form and attach a photo to your report. The choice is yours.

Call 08 00 84 82 95, Monday through Friday, 08.30-12.00 and 13.00-17.00. The call is toll-free inside France, though your service provider may charge a fee.