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Frequently asked questions: Aboard your train

How do you access SNCF WiFi? What’s the minimum age for a child to travel alone? How much luggage can you take on a TGV train? Here are answers to the most common questions from SNCF customers across all communications channels.

Aboard your train

No seating plans are available at this time.

If you choose TGV INOUI, your 2nd class coach will have power points. Our current TGV fleet contains trains from different generations, and only the most recent (or most recently refurbished) 2nd class coaches have power outlets.

In the station: open the wifi function on your device and select the “SNCF gare-gratuit” network. Once your Internet browser has opened, you’re automatically directed to the access portal, where you can log in free of charge. You can also access the wifi network from an email link or through Facebook Connect.

Aboard your train: if you’re travelling with TGV INOUI or on select INTERCITÉS lines, you can log on to our free wifi network.

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Travelling with OUIGO? Enjoy onboard wifi from €3.

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Wifi is not yet available aboard TER and Transilien trains.

OUIGO seating plans are not released.

There is no law preventing a minor from travelling alone, but when underage children travel unaccompanied, their parents continue to be responsible for them at all times. As a parent, it is up to you to decide whether your child is capable of travelling alone, given the inevitable uncertainties of rail travel, such as missed connections and incidents during the journey.

If there is an incident, for example, the conductor is required to place the child in the care of the authorities. Similarly, if the train arrives after the station has closed and you have not given SNCF advance authorization to organize lodging, we may have to contact the police.

When a child travels alone, there is always an element of risk. That’s why we offer Junior & Cie. With this SNCF service, you can place your child in the care of trained, experienced monitors. Junior & Cie is a paid option and is not required, but it provides a safe journey for your child—and peace of mind for you.

The biggest difference is that 1st class coaches are quieter and have roomier seats. You also have the option of choosing a single seat that is separate from the other passengers. 

Aboard your TGV INOUI

When you choose TGV INOUI, there’s no limit on weight or number of bags, provided you're able to carry them yourself. We make luggage trolleys available near stations and platforms to assist you. Please be sure to tag your belongings in advance, and remember that your bags are your responsibility.

For the safety of all, please ensure that your luggage doesn’t block the movement of the other passengers and crew aboard your train. When you board, you’ll find a variety of storage areas, at the entrance to your compartment and inside each coach.

Bikes, skis and aquatic boards—such as surf-, wake- and paddle boards—are welcome aboard TGV INOUI trains, but they must be stored in a carrying case and stowed in the dedicated areas on your train. For bikes, case dimensions may not exceed 130 x 90 cm.

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Aboard your OUIGO train

The price of your ticket includes one of two luggage options:

  • 2 pieces of hand luggage up to 36 cm high x 27 cm wide x 15 cm deep
  • 1 piece of hand luggage (up to 36 cm high x 27 cm wide x 15 cm deep) and 1 carry-on bag (up to 55 cm high x 35 cm wide x 25 cm deep)

These bags must be stowed beneath your seat. Pushchairs are also included in the price of your ticket, up to a limit of 2 pushchairs per booking and per journey.

Want to board with extra luggage or an unusually large item such as a bike, a kick scooter, skis or a musical instrument? Choose the Luggage (Bagage) option, and you can bring it along for just €5 per journey.

Important: if your item weighs more than 30 kg or measures more than 2 metres long, it will not be allowed on board.

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Aboard your Thalys train

Your Thalys ticket includes 1 piece of hand luggage and up to 2 bags that do not exceed 75 cm long x 53 cm wide x 70 cm high. There’s no limit on weight, but you must be able to carry your own luggage and stow it yourself in the dedicated areas aboard your Thalys train.

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Aboard your Eurostar train

The price of your ticket includes 2 medium-sized pieces of luggage (up to 85 cm on the longest side) and 1 small piece of hand luggage. In Business Premier class, you can bring up to 3 pieces of luggage at no extra charge.

Prams and pushchairs are also welcome aboard. And you can bring your bike or musical instrument: it counts as one of your 2 pieces of medium-sized luggage, provided it travels in a carrying case that doesn’t exceed 85 cm in length. If your item is longer, you’ll need to use EuroDespatch, Eurostar’s registered luggage service. Be sure to choose this option when you buy your ticket.

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