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Frequently asked questions: Wifi

How do I connect to the Internet on board? How do I connect to the Internet on board the TGV INOUI? How do I resolve trouble connecting? What content is offered on the portal?

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Once on board, accessing the Internet is simple: Enable wifi in your parameters or settings. Select the “_SNCF_WIFI_INOUI” network. Confirm the Terms of Service and click on “Connect”.

If you do not see the wifi network, it means that: - Either it is out of order for technical reasons, - Or the problem is in the configuration of your hardware (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). In that case, we advise you to try to connect with another device.

The WiFi service may be disrupted due to problems communicating with the infrastructure. This may be a one-off problem, so please try again later.

The SNCF has equipped each TGV INOUI train with antennae enabling them to receive operators’ 4G networks. But would you believe that due to the speed of the train, the signal connection lasts less than a minute! This is why terminals have been installed every 3 km on all the main high-speed routes, which represents more than 1,000 antennas to relay the connection. In total, SNCF teams have deployed the equivalent of 124 km of fibre optics in more than 300 trains and installed 18,000 antennas.

Once you have connecting to the TGV INOUI portal, feel free to watch the video presenting the service on the “Everything you need to know about the onboard wifi” page.

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We recommend one of these 3 solutions:

Open in your browser:

  • Copy the following address:
  • Open your browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • Paste the link
  • Accept the Terms of Service and click to connect

Forget the network and then connect again:

  • Go to your WiFi settings
  • Click on “Forget network”
  • Re-select the network _SNCF_WIFI_INOUI
  • Accept the Terms of Service and click to connect

Disable your VPN:

Some VPNs prevent access to the on-board wifi connection interface, we recommend that you disable it for the duration of the wifi connection, then connect again afterwards.

A working wifi connection allows you to browse sites as desired (on board, wifi is shared. Please refrain from streaming and downloading). If you are not connected, the following message will be displayed on the homepage “You are not connected to the wifi service. Please connect”.

There are three possible cases:

The wifi connection is very weak

This is probably a temporary reduction in the incoming signal. Please try again in a few minutes.

The Internet connection is very weak

It is likely that your TGV is passing through an area of poor coverage or there is high internet usage by other customers on board. The TGV INOUI PORTAL is still available for viewing multimedia content without requiring internet access.

If the phenomenon persists, it is probably a technical problem

About that, you can go and read “I am having trouble connecting. How do I resolve this?”

On-board wifi is available on all TGV INOUI trains equipped with wifi. Wifi availability depends on operators’ coverage.

Opening a VPN before connecting may, depending on the device, block the connection to the internet or access to the TGV INOUI portal.

In this case, please sign out from your VPN in order to use the service. You can access your VPN (Virtual Private Network) by starting it once signed in.

Open in your browser:

  • Copy the following address:
  • Open your browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • Paste the link
  • Accept the Terms of Service

If this doesn’t work, try another device.

If the phenomenon persists, it is probably a technical problem (see question : “I am having trouble connecting. How do I resolve this?”).

This is a known problem on some Android devices. To remedy this, we invite you to enter the following address in your browser:, which will force the access page.

Then don’t forget to tick the box to confirm the TOS (Terms of Service) in order to use the service.

A message may appear when you wish to access the TGV INOUI Portal site on your first visit. To access the site, simply click on the “Continue” button and the site will open.

Otherwise, open your browser and enter the following URL:

There are several possible technical reasons for this access problem:

  • The configuration of your device
  • A problem with an on-board software service

Try to reconnect to the wifi or check that your VPN is properly disconnected (see question : “I am having trouble connecting. How do I resolve this?”).

  • Either the message is incorrect and you are connected to the internet. You can check by visiting a web page.
  • Or the wifi service on board your TGV is temporarily disrupted. You can try to connect again later.

For a better experience, we advise you to use the Chrome or Safari browsers. You can therefore enjoy the content available on the TGV INOUI Portal with complete peace of mind.

When you view a film for the first time on the TGV INOUI Portal, a black screen may be displayed. Don’t panic, it’s just on pause. All you need to do is press the “arrow” play button at the bottom left and you will be able to watch your film.

On the TGV INOUI Portal, discover a range of services and content to enrich your journey:

  • Real-time information on your journey (real-time timetables, train speed, information on the destination station, arrival platform, connection table, etc.),
  • An interactive map detailing the route of your train, changes in train speed, the main sites crossed,
  • Order your meal online,
  • The TGV INOUI Bot

And other services on board... Also discover our free content and entertainment offer: digital press, films, games, podcasts, documentaries, cartoons and content for children (meditations, podcasts, stories to read).

In some rare cases, passenger information may not have been updated by our services before the train departs. If you need information about your journey, you can consult the on board screens, the SNCF.COM website or contact your conductor.

You must disable your browsers’ proxy servers to access the wifi service, otherwise it will not work.

There may be several reasons for such difficulties:

  • You are passing through an area with poor coverage
  • Or your maximum bandwidth capacity has been reached, in particular due to a bottleneck in the number of passengers connected
  • Or it is linked to the hardware used.

Try connecting again later to improve your access.

As the wifi is public, devices are in place to filter out unauthorised sites: paedophilia, revisionism, racism, etc.

If you notice an error in the authorised sites, you can report it via the notification form at the bottom of the TGV INOUI Portal.

Yes, technically the app stores are accessible via the wifi of your TGVI NOUI, but we remind you that the Internet is shared for all passengers. A download consumes bandwidth at the expense of other users. We recommend that you only do this occasionally or before your trip.

To enjoy free wifi at a good speed and so as not to have your connection slowed down on certain parts of the journey, here is a good tip: if you want to watch the latest episode of your series, have a smooth film session or transfer large files, we recommend that you download or upload such items before your journey.

Video streaming sites (YouTube, Netflix...) are very data intensive and can cause congestion of the bandwidth that is shared among all passengers.

To relax on board, you can access a whole range of content free of charge on the TGV INOUI portal at, or when you connect to the wifi on board: films, video games, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The use of the Portal does not affect your internet consumption.

Electromagnetic field measurements were carried out on 15 and 16 September 2016 inside a TGV train equipped with access points and emitting wifi antennas. The report, carried out by an SNCF laboratory accredited by COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation) for this type of measurement, declares the compliance of the level of exposure to electromagnetic fields in the 100 kHz to 6 GHz band with respect to decree No. 2002-775. Decree No. 2002-775 sets the thresholds for public exposure to electromagnetic waves authorised in France.

Please feel free to send us your feedback, comments and suggestions via our feedback form, which can also be found in the “Your feedback” portal menu at the bottom of the page.

Activate the wifi function on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and select the “SNCF gare-gratuit” network. Once your browser opens, you’ll be taken to the access portal automatically, where you can log on via email or Facebook.

Wifi is available on some lines.

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It’s possible, but there’s a fee.

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You’re out of luck—wifi is not yet available aboard our TER and Transilien trains.