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Garantie Voyage

Our Garantie Voyage programme covers all TGV inOUI and Intercités travel in France on SNCF Tarifs Voyageurs fares, as well as travel aboard international trains operated by SNCF or our European partners.

Our guarantees

We’re here:

  • to provide real-time information in stations, aboard your train, by phone at 36351, on line and via the SNCF mobile app
  • to notify you by email or SMS of any change in your travel schedule, up to 22.00 on the day before you leave. If you’re a Grand Voyageur programme member, we’ll also share any information we have about events that could change your journey, such as works and strikes. We promise not to use your personal data for commercial purposes.

And we’re also here for you—on the Internet and your mobile—to provide information on your train’s on-time performance over the last 60 days.

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We’re here for you if your train is cancelled or your departure is delayed by over an hour. We’ll offer you a refund or an alternative travel solution—your choice.

We’re here to help if you don't have an assigned seat for a journey lasting more than 1h30 on trains requiring booking. We’ll do our best to find you a seat on the train—and if no seats are available, we’ll make it up to you with a voucher or other compensation.

We’re here for you if you run into a major problem during your journey. We’ll step in to help you find another way to continue your journey and offer accommodation if necessary.

And—depending on the time of day—we’re here to offer you a drink, snack or meal when there’s a serious disruption.

We’re here:

  • to guide you through the compensation process if your train is 30 or more minutes late on arrival—for any reason
  • on line and on your mobile, so you can request compensation quickly and easily, as soon as you reach the station
  • to give you a voucher that you can use on the Internet and any other distribution channel

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We’re here to handle any on-line claim you submit to our customer service department. And if you have an e-ticket, we’ll respond within 5 days (unless you’re filing a G30 guarantee claim).

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Terms & conditions

Our Garantie Voyage programme has been in effect since 31 March 2012. Conditions apply. For more detailed information, please visit one of our stations, an SNCF sales office or an authorized travel agent.

You are covered by Garantie Voyage if you are travelling in France on an SNCF Tarif Voyageurs fare:

  • on TGV inOUI and Intercités trains
  • on international trains operated by SNCF or in cooperation with our European partners2

You are not covered by Garantie Voyage if you are travelling on a train operated by:

  • Ouigo (which applies its own terms and conditions)
  • Transilien
  • TER
  • other rail companies

Under exceptional circumstances, we may adjust the terms of the Garantie Voyage programme. We’ll alert you to any adjustments as soon as possible, in our stations and on

Read the General Terms & Conditions for our Garantie Voyage programme

1Our service is free: you pay only the cost of your call.

2 TGV Lyria to Switzerland; trains operated jointly by Deutsche Bahn/SNCF (Paris-Frankfurt and Paris-Stuttgart-Munich); and TGV service to Italy and Spain.