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Containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers

Looking for long-distance combined transport solutions? Fret SNCF offers fast, reliable shipping solutions throughout Europe.

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Our European network

When you work with us to meet your European transport needs, you get Fret SNCF’s know-how—and much more. You’ll also benefit from the expertise of our Captrain European network and other partners serving major industrial hubs, such as:

  • Turin
  • Milan
  • The Ruhr
  • Bremen

and leading ports, including

  • Antwerp
  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Genoa
  • Barcelona

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Dedicated organization

Because we round out our own French and European network with partnerships, we’re able to operate 12,000 trains a year. When you choose Fret SNCF, you’ll benefit from:

  • the expertise of our French and European specialists
  • connections to European corridors—two-thirds of our trains operate outside France

Innovative, competitive services

We’re always looking for ways to optimize our services. To meet your needs, we can design:

  • longer trains, spanning up to 850 metres
  • faster trains, running at 100-140 km/h
  • innovative solutions, including use of the new UIC* line linking Spain to France
  • new rail motorways

*International Union of Railways

New rail motorways

Since 2016, Fret SNCF has opened new rail motorways linking Calais to Spain and the Paris Region to the Port of Sète. New lines to Italy are planned for 2018.

Save time with our optimized resources

To guarantee fast, seamless transport of your shipments, we offer:

  • specialist teams on the ground to support you through the last kilometre
  • dedicated locomotives for container freight traffic

Download our combined transport services brochure (PDF, French, 698 KB)

Eco-friendly, 100% electric traction

Every year, we load the equivalent of 500,000 trucks on our trains, saving 800,000 tonnes of CO2. As part of our broader commitment to corporate social responsibility, SNCF complies with ISO 26000, the international CSR standard.

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Please note that we do not work with private customers or offer a removal/moving service. Some removal companies might ship your possessions by rail if you’re moving long distance. Speak to your provider for more information.