Scrap metal

Looking for a scrap metal transport provider that adapts to your fluctuating market? Choose Fret SNCF for custom solutions and responsive service.

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The flexibility you want

We offer customized services specially designed to work with your constraints and fluctuating scrap metal prices. Need to change your volume or transport plan? No problem. We can adjust our shipments.

Serving customers across Europe

In partnership with our Captrain network and other rail operators, we provide end-to-end solutions across Europe—from design to production.

Dedicated wagons

Our wagon fleet can handle any type of scrap metal—process offcuts, recovered short scrap, crushed scrap, shredder scrap, and heavy scrap from industrial demolition, auto bundles, stainless steel and more.

We’ve got the right wagon for your scrap metal.

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Tailored transport solutions

Choose from two transport options—full trainloads and single wagons—based on your capacity needs.

Our single-wagon (MLMC) offer accounts for 90% of our current scrap-metal business. With this solution, we can adjust your volume down to the last wagon-load.

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