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Our legal structure

On 1 January 2020, SNCF group moved to a new legal structure. Find out what’s changed, what role we’ll play as markets open up to competition, and how we serve the public. Interested in the Official Gazettes published by the former SNCF EPIC and SNCF Mobilités EPIC? You’ll find them here too.

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SNCF 2020: New year, new group

SNCF is on the move. In January 2020, we left behind our previous structure—three state-owned entities and their subsidiaries—to become a single, publicly-owned group with a parent company plus four subsidiaries, Keolis and Geodis.

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Opening up to competition

In the 2000s, markets for rail freight and international passenger rail opened to competition, and now regional and long-distance passenger rail (high-speed service and Intercités) are gradually following suit. And because our rail expertise is unmatched anywhere in Europe, that’s a major opportunity for SNCF.

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Our public service mission

We’re a state-owned, public service company, and our core mission is to deliver seamless, door-to-door mobility for everyone, everywhere.

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