Photo credit (banner): Brigitte Baudesson / SNCF

Our public service mission

We’re a state-owned, public service company, and our core mission is to deliver seamless, door-to-door mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Our commitments to you

Our parent company is a state-owned industrial and commercial enterprise with a public service mission (EPIC)—and we’re proud of that.
As a linchpin—and architect—of shared mobility, we work hard every day to keep our promises to our customers.

  • We serve the public.
    Getting you there is our business.
  • We make social progress a priority.
    Our role has always been to promote regional development and reduce regional inequality.
  • We offer fares that are right for you.
    We’ve got specially designed solutions—for large families, jobseekers, students and more.


Isn’t there a conflict between being a public service company and making a profit?

Not at all. We use our profits to grow our business and operate the French rail network.

Our ties to the French State

We run a highly specialized business. “Rail transport has the characteristics of a natural monopoly, especially because of the costs of operations and infrastructure,” says economics professor Gunther Capelle-Blancard. Which is why the French State is our sole owner.

SNCF ÉPIC has no capital and no shares. The State collects a dividend totalling 30% of our consolidated recurring net profit.