Photo credit (banner): Maxime Huriez / SNCF

Our mission

SNCF is a state-owned, public service company, and our core mission is to deliver seamless, sustainable, door-to-door mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Our commitments to you

Every day, we work hard to:

  • meet your needs
  • make social progress a top priority by promoting regional development and reducing regional inequality
  • provide the very best service and deliver on our fundamentals: safe operations, on-time passenger and freight trains, and reliable passenger information
  • offer fares for every budget

Our ties to the French State

In the 45 years following our founding in 1938, SNCF was a société anonyme, or public limited company. We later became a state-owned industrial and commercial enterprise (établissement public à caractère industriel et commercial or EPIC), but in January 2020 we returned to our original structure. By law, the French State is the Group’s sole shareholder: SNCF is and will remain a state-owned enterprise.

Serving everyone, everywhere

The change in our structure comes at a time of many challenges—for the climate, for regional development, for our economy and for society—and we’re committed to meeting them. 

Staying closer to you

Keep SNCF customers and employees safe. Operate a high-performance network. Ensure that our trains run on time. Improve passenger information. These are our top priorities—and as we make SNCF more connected, more efficient and more responsive to you, we’ll offer increasingly personalized services and give each of you more individual attention.

Fighting global warming

The climate is in crisis, and we owe it to the planet and to future generations to respond. Our core business—low-carbon rail transport—is already one of the best solutions to global warming, but we’re going even further by working to cut CO2e emissions 26% by 2030, raising €5 billion in green bonds, and discontinuing glyphosate use by the end of 2021.

Serving regional communities

As a public service company, we provide a wide-ranging offer with a solution for every traveller and every community, from high-speed trains to urban mass transit to rural rail service. And we deliver quality, affordable rail service for all by providing mobility solutions at a reasonable price for every budget.

Making SNCF more competitive and efficient

As the passenger market opens to competition and the French State assumes €35 billion of Group debt, we face a business challenge: How can we get back on a sound financial footing and become more competitive? Solution: Cultivate excellence. By raising revenue, cutting operating costs, optimizing our investments and modernizing our equipment, we can keep all of our customers satisfied—passengers, businesses, shippers and local communities.