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SNCF group offers a full range of mobility solutions across multiple business lines.

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SNCF Group

Our mission? Make the travel experience simpler. Deliver seamless, sustainable passenger and freight transport. And create the mobility of tomorrow.

To meet these challenges, SNCF group now has a new structure: a single parent company overseeing SNCF Réseau, SNCF Gares & Connexions, Rail Logistics Europe, SNCF Voyageurs, Geodis and Keolis.

SNCF, Your Global Transport Partner

Business profile and key figures

Published on 25 June 2020 at 12:09

Simplified SNCF organizational chart as of 1 January 2020

Simplified SNCF organizational chart as of 1 January 2020

The infographic shows a simplified SNCF organizational chart as of 1 January 2020.

The first box at the top of the page contains “SNCF” the parent company.

Within the parent company, three units are listed. They provide services to the entire group:

  1. SNCF Immobilier
  2. Shared Services Centres
  3. Rail Security

Under the top block, a network of five lines links the parent directly to five companies:

  1. SNCF Réseau + Gares & Connexions
  2. Rail Logistics Europe
  3. SNCF Voyageurs
  4. Geodis
  5. Keolis


SNCF, our parent company, provides top-level management and is home to the entities that provide services to the entire group:

  • our Shared Services Centres, which support group operations by providing employee welfare, medical and payroll services, and more
  • Rail Security (Suge), which protects passengers, property and personnel day in and day out, in stations and on trains throughout the French rail network
  • SNCF Immobilier, which works with its S2FIT subsidiary to manage and optimize SNCF group’s portfolio of tertiary, social, industrial and rail properties (other than stations and transport infrastructure); its Espaces Ferroviaires urban development subsidiary to improve and monetize land and buildings that are not used by the rail system; and its ICF Habitat subsidiary to manage group properties, by operating housing complexes and acting as a “social landlord”

SNCF Réseau

SNCF Réseau’s primary goals are to manage, maintain and develop the French rail network, giving priority to existing lines and to the Paris region in particular.

To fulfil these missions, the company is built around four core activities:

  • providing access to France’s rail network infrastructure, including allocating capacity and setting infrastructure fees
  • managing network traffic
  • maintaining and renovating infrastructure
  • expanding and developing the network, with a focus on overall efficiency and optimum value.

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SNCF Gares & Connexions

SNCF Gares & Connexions combines a wide variety of skills to achieve a single goal: renovating and improving the 3,000 stations on the French rail network. Gares & Connexions has three goals:

  • modernize stations and transform them into destinations of choice at the heart of the transport network
  • make railway stations convenient, useful and welcoming
  • manage 15,000 train departures and 10 million passengers every day in 3,000 stations across France

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Rail Logistics Europe

Rail Logistics Europe—formerly TFMM rail & multimodal freight transport—oversees our rail freight and logistics operations in Europe and around the world. Drawing on expertise in a wide range of areas, this SNCF subsidiary provides clients with customized, door-to-door solutions for all types of cargo under five brands: SNCF Fret, VIIA, Captrain, Naviland Cargo and Forwardis.

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SNCF Voyageurs

SNCF Voyageurs provides passengers with shared and door-to-door mobility solutions that meet their needs in terms of offer, cost, service quality and environmental protection. Its services include the on-line travel agent SNCF Connect, France’s leading e-commerce site. SNCF Voyageurs provides both commuter mobility and long-distance travel in France and Europe through:  

  • TGV-INTERCITÉS (long-distance travel with TGV INOUI, OUIGO, Intercités, Eurostar, Thalys, TGV Lyria, TGV INOUI & ICE France - Germany, TGV INOUI & AVE France - Espagne, TGV INOUI to Italy and Luxemburg) 
  • Transilien commuter rail
  • TER regional rail

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Geodis specializes in freight transport logistics in France and 120 countries worldwide.

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Keolis is a private public transport operator with roots in France and Quebec. It operates bus, metro, light rail and coach networks, rental bikes, carparks, boat shuttles, cable cars, trolleybuses and airport services.

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