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Carole Desnost

Director of Technologies, Innovation and Group Projects, SNCF Group

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A chemical engineer by training, Carole Desnost began her career in 1986 at PSA Group (now Stellantis), where she held various positions in research, product studies, service quality marketing, international public affairs and operational sales.  In 2008 she moved to Rhodia (now Solvay) as Vice President, Advanced Innovation, and later to auto parts manufacturer Plastic Omnium as Vice President, R&D Auto Exterior.

Ms Desnost joined SNCF Group in 2015 as Director of Innovation and Research. With her team, she is continuing SNCF’s work with our partners in Europe to make the continent’s railway system more interoperable. She will also take the lead in marshalling the technical and human resources required for successful rollout of the transport plan for the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024.

Ms Desnost and her teams will leverage new technologies and scientific research to enhance rail’s performance and flexibility and make it even more eco-friendly. The trains of tomorrow—now being developed by French and international partnerships—will be connected, digitalized and largely decarbonized. And thanks to new transport solutions, they will expand into every region of France, delivering mobility for all.