Photo credit (banner): Maxime Huriez / SNCF

Clément Michel

Group Director Human Resources and Transformation at Keolis

Clément Michel holds a master's degree in engineering from the École Centrale de Paris and a postgraduate degree in Development Economics from University of Essex. He has 22 years’ experience in passenger transport and the management of public transport networks.

Clément Michel joined SNCF in 1999, where he held several operational positions in Paris and in Montpellier.

In 2005, he became Executive Director of Gare de Lyon station in Paris.

In 2009, he joined Yarra Trams operated by Keolis Downer in Melbourne as Chief Operating Officer before being appointed CEO of Yarra Trams in 2013, a role in which he remained until moving to Keolis North America (USA and Canada), where he was appointed president and CEO in 2016.

He is currently the Group Director Human Resources and Transformation.

Clément Michel has a proven track record in areas such as building innovative partnerships with the communities he serves, launching employee engagement initiatives, supporting talent development at all levels of the organization and promoting sustainability, diversity and inclusion across the transportation industry.