Photo credit (banner): Maxime Huriez / SNCF

SNCF Voyageurs Board of Directors

Meet the members of the SNCF Voyageurs Board of Directors.

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Chairman and CEO

Christophe Fanichet

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SNCF Voyageurs 


Isabelle Delobel

Director of Prisme & Prevention Programme, SNCF SA

Xavier Lemaire

Staff representative, UNSA Rail Federation

François Nogué

Director of Human Resources, SNCF Group 

Xavier Portal

Staff representative, CGT

Stéphanie Rismont-Wargnier

Director, Communications & Branding, SNCF SA

Eric Santinelli

Staff representative, SUD-Rail

Muriel Signouret

Chief of Staff to SNCF CEO

David Sitruk

Director of Finance, SNCF SA