SNCF is on the move. Our mission, our goals and the tools we use to achieve them aren’t frozen in time—we constantly adapt them in our effort to meet the needs of our stakeholders. What endures is our corporate DNA: the three core values that unite the men and women of the five companies that belong to SNCF Group.

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Our values at SNCF


We’re proud to serve the public. Day in and day out, we work hard for our customers and for regional communities across France, and we’re always ready to step up in challenging situations.

All of us are committed.


Every day, we harness our combined skills and expertise to operate over 15,000 trains. Because mobility is essential—and because we believe in using taxpayer money wisely—continuous improvement is an imperative for each of us as we do our work.

All of us are efficient.


At SNCF, we believe that diversity is a powerful asset, which is why we listen closely to the needs and expectations of our customers, our partners and our fellow citizens. We’re curious. We’re alert to our changing society. And we’re constantly looking for new ideas that will move us forward.

All of us are open.