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Log on to e@si

Want to log on to e@si, our all-in-one portal for SNCF buyers and suppliers? With our online help resource, it’s a snap.

Access e@si

Welcome to e@si, SNCF’s procurement portal

With e@si, we’ve created an all-in-one platform that meets the needs of both buyers and suppliers—simplifying our information systems and enhancing our relationship with you.

Use e@si to:

  • manage your profile, including contact names and information, areas of expertise and administrative documents
  • learn about our tender notices and respond to them
  • respond to our invitations to tender and work on line with the buyer for each project

Have you received an e-mail from e@si?

If you’ve received an e-mail asking you to log on to e@si, your company has been automatically preregistered on our platform. Please check your data and make any updates.

First visit: complete your registration

To complete your automatic registration:

  • log on to our e@si portal
  • click on “Forgot password” in the purple box on the left side of your screen
  • enter your user ID. (Not sure what it is? See “About your user ID” below.)
  • provide the e-mail address of the person who received the e@si message
  • click “Send”

Once you’ve done that:

  • you’ll receive an e-mail with a link allowing you to create a new password
  • when you open the link, a window will appear; re-enter your user ID as defined below
  • choose a new password at least four characters long
  • confirm the new password and click “Send”

Log on to e@si

About your user ID

Your user ID depends on where your company is based:

  • If your company is based in France, your user ID is your Siret number.
  • If you’re based elsewhere in Europe, your user ID is your intra-community VAT number.
  • If your company is based outside Europe, your user ID is your national tax identification number­.

Once this number has been assigned, it becomes the gateway for all your communications with SNCF. You can also create additional contacts.

IMPORTANT: If your company is based in Europe—even in France or Switzerland—you must provide your intra-community VAT number, which we use to pay your invoices.

Haven’t received an e-mail?

If you haven’t received an e-mail asking you to log on to e@si, your company has not been automatically registered on our platform, and you’ll need to go through the registration process.

First visit: register your company

To register on our platform:

  1. log on to our e@si portal
  2. click on “Register” in the grey box in the centre of the page
  3. fill in the forms required to create your profile

Getting to know you

The information in your profile is the heart of our relationship with you: if it isn’t completely accurate, we won’t be able to work with you successfully. 

To facilitate communication with us and simplify access to our invitations to tender, please provide all of the information requested in each section:

  • basic registration data
  • additional registration data
  • other information

Got a problem?

Contact our support team if you’re having trouble with e@si.

Contact our telephone support team at 08 11 90 64 38.  From outside France, dial +33 8 11 90 64 38.

Send us an e-mail at

Step-by-step video tutorials

Want us to guide you through the registration process step by step? Need to check your messages or track your tender notices and invitations to tender? Watch our video tutorials (in French).

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