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Better procurement

We’ve designed SNCF procurement strategy to reflect our Group-wide commitment to excellence.

At SNCF, supplier relationships are a critical part of our procurement policy.

It’s not hard to understand why: in 2019, we bought €12.5 billion worth of goods and services from French suppliers alone. Directly or indirectly, all of these purchases contribute to our rail and mobility operations—and power one of France’s flagship industries in the process.

Our goals

Because suppliers are so important, we work to cultivate constructive, long-term relationships with them. We build on shared values and goals. And over the coming years we’ll expand our Responsible Supplier certification to all SNCF Group companies and their subsidiaries.

We face many challenges--rail reform, market liberalization, and today’s tough economy—and we’re battling the impacts of Covid-19 even as our markets become more competitive.

But thanks to the rail component of the French State’s stimulus plan, SNCF’s mid-term outlook is strong, and suppliers that can meet our standards will share in our success.

Our 3 priorities

All SNCF procurements must promote three strategic priorities:

  • business performance
  • workplace safety
  • CSE in all its forms 

These priorities guide our choices and underpin our supplier relations. Our aim is to build long-term, balanced, differentiated relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to competitiveness, quality, safety, CSE, innovation and “made in France”/local procurement.

The e@si platform

Our Excellence in Procurement programme inspired the e@si platform—an all-in-one portal dedicated to the buyer-supplier relationship. The e@si platform incorporates every stage of the procurement process for both buyers and suppliers.

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