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Supplier governance

As SNCF moves from traditional supplier relationship management to supplier value management, we’re changing our relationship with you in fundamental ways.

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Fundamental change

At SNCF, we’re changing our relationships with suppliers in fundamental ways. Since 2018 we’ve been replacing our traditional supplier relationship management (SRM) system with supplier value management (SVM).

Our goals

We’re making this change to achieve a number of goals:

  • identify and work with promising suppliers to help them improve their skills
  • manage and energize our supplier panel and qualification process
  • use e-sourcing to select the best offers
  • track service delivery and quality
  • involve the full range of players—suppliers, customers, buyers, and specifiers
  • optimize management of risks and opportunities, especially for innovation

Managing the supplier relationship

Supplier relationship management (SRM) consists primarily of two types of periodic (usually annual) supplier review.

Performance reviews 

These reviews focus on strategic and key suppliers, examining current activity and short-term outlook and analysing the supplier’s performance on quality, cost, delivery and service (QCDS) metrics. The goal is to reach short- and medium-term operational and strategic decisions on key suppliers*.

Management reviews

These reviews focus on strategic suppliers, emphasizing the main points from the performance review and detailing each player’s strategic vision and areas of cooperation. The goal is to reach medium- and long-term decisions linked to action plans.

Contract reviews

Contract reviews—like steering committees for labour contracts—enable us to track the performance level expected of each supplier in three categories: strategic, key and recurring*.

Supplier value management

We’ve stepped up the transition to value-based management by creating our e@si platform, a robust procurement information system. Thanks to e@si, we now have three powerful new tools for:

Active collaboration

We use dedicated features on the e@si platform to manage supplier benchmarks and build active relationships with our partner businesses.

Shared information

Our centralized database is updated in real time, keeping everyone in the picture and delivering supplier information we can count on—both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Better relationships

The e@si platform makes it easier for us to stay in touch with our suppliers and cultivate partnerships. We build these relationships on performance and progress plans, carrying out regular assessments and tracking action plans.

Stronger communication

We communicate with our suppliers through a variety of channels: the Préviweb component of the site (the work calendar for our Group and Network Procurement Divisions), dedicated newsletters, supplier conventions and more.

We also work hard to ensure that information from our suppliers reaches the right people at SNCF, using mediation, 360° evaluations of our partnerships and other resources.

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The e@si platform is the primary interface between you and us, so be sure to sign up. And remember that the quality of our relationship with you hinges on the quality and accuracy of the information you give us about your business.

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* Strategic suppliers work in high-stakes areas—finance, product criticality, strategy and Group issues—and we need to build close, high-priority relationships with them.
Key suppliers work in areas that have low financial stakes but are critical to our products, strategy or Group issues, and we need to build high-priority relationships with them.
Recurring suppliers have signed contracts with SNCF, are listed in our active supplier panel  and do more than €100,000 in business with us.