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Putting innovation at the heart of our supplier relationships

Mobility is changing fast. To keep pace with rising competition, we constantly reinvent ourselves—and that makes innovation a top priority in all of our partnerships.

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Innovation is everyone’s business

As part of our Excellence in Procurement programme, we place special emphasis on innovation. This affects everyone that does business with us—industrial partners, legacy service suppliers, our SME ecosystem, new players and more.

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Why innovation matters

Mobility is changing fast, shaped by shifting habits and lifestyles, emerging technologies, driverless cars, the energy transition and more. At SNCF, we want to be a key player in these changes—and we want our partners to support us.

New challenges

Our drive for performance and competitiveness affects our relationships with suppliers, adding new requirements to our specifications, making us more receptive to variant bids and disruptive strategies, motivating us to cut costs and promote ecodesign, and more.

Innovating together

Synergies between your innovations and ours play a critical role in transforming our companies and making them successful. Which is why we innovate with you to advance our top priorities:

  • safety
  • digital transformation
  • improving the customer experience
  • productivity
  • passenger information

Open innovation

Open innovation is an integral part of our strategy, in areas that include the Internet of Things, building information modelling (BIM), robotics and artificial intelligence platforms.

We’ve already launched a number of initiatives:

  • open data with application programming interfaces (APIs) that are free up to 5,000 requests a day
  • a start-up ecosystem of over 220 active companies

Learn more about digital innovation at SNCF (in French)

Our role

We’re encouraging innovation by:

  • tracking new developments
  • making it easier to spot innovations
  • giving you access to project leaders by organizing Innovation Days and other events 
  • steering you towards current and future contracts that match your capabilities
  • forging closer ties with you through partnerships that are right for your organization
  • working in an open ecosystem that builds relationships and promotes sharing and benchmarking
  • promoting innovation through contracting methods such as innovation partnerships and competitive dialogue, which have advantages for core innovations such as next-generation IT-based data control units and our 2020 targets for TGV service

Your role

What we expect from you:

  • value-added solutions for the top challenges we face in our areas of expertise
  • the support we need to convert innovative solutions into a true competitive edge