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Our procurement system

When you become our supplier, you’re part of our team. Here’s everything you need to know about our standards for quality, safety, innovation and social engagement.

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In 2017, SNCF procurement—from investments to operating expenses—totalled €16.6 billion, with 90% of purchases made in France.

SNCF Group suppliers, service providers and subcontractors work in many areas:

  • maintaining our network and infrastructures
  • maintaining buildings and equipment
  • improving the quality and on-time performance of our transport services
  • supplying rolling stock and parts
  • studying and deploying SNCF Group projects
  • and more

A wide range of needs


Engineering works, supplies and services for track and other facilities, network maintenance and safety.

Learn more about procurement of engineering works and safety services


Technical products, sales tools, furniture, and IT and telecommunications equipment.

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Rolling stock

Freight cars, passenger coaches, maintenance and more.

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Train and station maintenance, WiFi hotspots, onboard catering and more.

Learn more about procurement of services

Intellectual services

Engineering studies, IT support, communications and more

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Energy for trains and rail facilities

From electricity to diesel fuel to gas, anticipating demand and finding innovative, sustainable energy solutions are a priority at SNCF.  

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31,000 suppliers work with SNCF

Our CSR requirements

At SNCF, social engagement translates into higher CSR standards for half of all our purchases. In 2012, we earned certification for Responsible Procurement and Supplier Relations, and in 2015 our status was renewed.

Learn more about Responsible Procurement and Supplier Relations certification

Creating jobs

A 2017 study estimated that 165,000 indirect jobs were created or preserved by our purchases from SNCF suppliers.

90 %

of our purchases are made in France

About our buyers

To meet the needs of the three state-owned industrial and commercial enterprises (établissements publics industriels et commerciaux, or EPICs) that make up the Public Rail Group (GPF), we have three procurement divisions:

  • the Group Procurement Division (DAG) handles all “cross-functional” procurement
  • the Network Procurement Division (DAR) handles purchases specifically for SNCF Réseau, such as track works, supplies and services
  • the Equipment Procurement Division (DAM) purchases rolling stock

Our subsidiaries also have specialized procurement teams.

25 %

of SNCF purchases are from SMEs