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Intellectual services

Intellectual services include engineering studies, IT support, service training and communications.  

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Qualifying as an SNCF supplier

To provide engineering services to SNCF, you must already be a qualified supplier in one or more of these fields:

  • signalling
  • telecommunications
  • fixed electric traction systems

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How it works

Before the qualification process begins, we may conduct a preliminary interview allowing you to: 

  • present your company and your business
  • identify the fields in which you may be eligible for qualification
  • consider whether the qualification process is a good fit for you at this time

Your application

You must complete a full qualification application so that we can determine whether you have the necessary administrative, legal, financial and technical capabilities, and whether your quality management and safety process are appropriate for the services we need. 

The application includes an evaluation questionnaire, with administrative, financial, technical and quality appendices.

Your qualification contact

SNCF - Direction des Achats
Direction Déléguée Qualité et Performance Fournisseurs 
Pôle Méthodes et Outils
18, rue de Dunkerque
75010 Paris

The result

Once your application has been reviewed, the head of your firm will receive either a notice of qualification or a notice explaining why qualification has not been granted. If the response is positive, this notice will indicate: 

  • the specialization for which qualification has been granted
  • the maximum authorized amount
  • your geographical area

Maintaining your qualification

As a service provider, you will be regularly evaluated on the work you perform. If you do not fully meet one or more of the criteria that qualified you as a supplier, we may restrict the scope of your qualification. We may also require you to deploy a progress plan as a condition of continued qualification.

Evaluation of your services

An evaluation form must be completed for all services, with criteria allowing for an objective assessment of services by both parties. 

In some cases, we may identify areas where the service provider must take corrective measures to avoid action up to and including removal from our list of qualified providers.


You will be asked for a €2,500 application fee (excluding VAT) when the qualification process begins, or when qualification is transferred from a qualified company to a non-qualified company. This amount is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application.