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Safety is our priority

At SNCF, safety is a top priority, along with on-time performance and passenger information. We do everything we can to keep our customers, employees and suppliers safe.

Safety for all

Over 30,000 men and women from other companies work on SNCF sites. Most specialize in high-risk areas such as cleaning, guard services and engineering works on rail infrastructure, buildings and stations.

For us, workplace health and safety are a non-negotiable priority, and that includes everyone who works in the rail system, whether they’re SNCF employees or not.

Preventing risk at the workplace

At SNCF, we want to set the standard for preventing risk at the workplace. The current rate of workplace accidents* reported by the Public Rail Group (SNCF Epic, SNCF Mobilités and SNCF Réseau, excluding subsidiaries) is 17.7. This is still too high—it’s simply not compatible with our goals and values.

*This is the benchmark indicator for occupational accidents and illnesses. It represents the number of accidents requiring more than one day of missed work during a 12-month period, per million hours of work.

Supporting our suppliers

At SNCF, we’re committed to fair, equitable business practices, so we make it a point to listen to our suppliers and offer support.

Listening to you means staying aware of the limitations you face on the ground, hearing your feedback on specifications, and working constantly to prevent risk at the workplace.

As a result, we routinely adjust our supplier terms and requirements to give you the resources you need to keep your people safe at all times.

Lifesaving safety guidelines

Keeping workers safe also means following lifesaving safety guidelines and maintaining a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and mood-altering substances.

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