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We’re not just a mass transport provider any more. Today’s SNCF is a true mobility integrator, with services built around our Assistant SNCF app and other new tools that combine multiple modes to take you smoothly from door to door.

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And the innovation doesn’t stop there. We’re also adding new shared mobility options—including driverless shuttles, on-demand transport and ride-sharing—to simplify your journeys and shrink your CO2 footprint even more.

Seamless door-to-door travel with Assistant SNCF

We’re continuing to digitalize our services by rolling out an all-in-one app and developing a full range of services.

Our Assistant SNCF app, which debuted in 2019, offers personalized itineraries that combine multiple transport modes—rail, bike-sharing, car with driver, parking, taxi and bus—to get you from door to door. And soon you’ll be able to download a single paperless ticket for your entire journey.

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Harnessing cognitive science to meet your needs

In 2017, Tech SNCF launched Expérience & Cognition, a programme that uses cognitive science to reach a finely honed understanding of what our customers and employees want.

Our work in this area—where psychology and neuroscience meet artificial intelligence—could help us simplify passenger information and orientation, manage waiting and travel times more effectively, and even enhance the atmosphere and visual identity of our stations and other shared mobility spaces.

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