Photo credit (banner): Maxime Huriez / SNCF

Meet tomorrow’s TGV

It’s official. In July 2018, SNCF ordered 100 next-generation TGVs. Meet the high-speed train of the future—and get ready for a whole new travel experience.

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Historic step

On 26 July 2018, SNCF confirmed an order for 100 next-generation trainsets worth nearly €3 billion. The move marked a turning point in our effort to develop the TGV of the future, under a partnership with Alstom that dates back to 2016.

Each trainset carries a price tag of €25 million, with options that can add another €1.66 million to the total. This is the lowest price on the market: by comparison, a TGV Duplex currently costs €30 million.

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Coming soon

We expect the first of the new trainsets to begin operating throughout France in 2023, with the rest rolled out gradually through 2033.

Packed with innovations

The TGV of the future features a number of radical innovations—breakthroughs in technology that will benefit both passengers and the larger rail industry. In all, some 2,000 people helped develop the new model, which is built to a 100% French design.


The new trains are 97% recyclable, with eco-friendly features including a new aerodynamic profile, a green driving system, and a brake energy recovery system.  Result: the TGV of the future will consume 20% less energy and have a carbon footprint that is 37% smaller than existing trainsets.

All connected, all the time

The wireless network aboard our new TGVs is designed to evolve and integrate new communications technologies—and thanks to optimized connectivity, it can deliver real-time updates on the condition of the trainset, tracking both safety and comfort.

Unparalleled comfort and accessibility

Tomorrow’s TGV will be ultra-comfortable, with wider windows, a completely redesigned air conditioning system, improved soundproofing and contemporary materials to create a warmer feel. And because they were designed in close partnership with wheelchair users associations, these new TGVs are more accessible than any other train on the market.


“Tomorrow’s TGV is a powerful asset for SNCF. It will help us win new business in the competitive European market. With this train, we’re putting technological excellence and innovation to work for our 100 million customers a year.”

Guillaume Pepy, Chairman and CEO, SNCF Mobilités