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Why SNCF is a great place to work

We recruit at every level in all 150 SNCF job categories, with new hires ranging from students to recent graduates to seasoned professionals.

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SNCF is a world leader in both passenger and freight transport, with operations in France and around the globe. But to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility, we need to bring more skills on board.

We recruit a wide range of skillsets—from technical specialties to support to sales to logistics.

Making a difference in people’s lives

SNCF is a responsible employer—a good corporate citizen that serves everyone, cares for everyone, and works hard to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Living our values

Cultural and social diversity, equal opportunity, and gender balance and equality are core values at SNCF. We do everything we can to put them into practice, both in recruitment and in our day-to-day operations. SNCF au Féminin, our in-house network for women, is just one example.

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Sustainable mobility for all

SNCF is a vital player in low-carbon mobility, and each employee helps make our leadership position a little stronger every day. Our priority is to ensure that all of our customers—both passengers and businesses—have access to the right information and transport services that strike a good balance between markets, society and the environment.

We also promote regional development in France by offering public transport and logistics solutions for everyone’s mobility needs.

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