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Rail Logistics Europe

Rail Logistics Europe—formerly TFMM rail & multimodal freight transport—handles our rail freight and logistics operations. Backed by expertise in a wide range of areas, this SNCF subsidiary offers customized, door-to-door solutions for all types of cargo, in Europe and beyond.

The new name “Rail Logistics Europe” reflects the three core components of this new unit’s identity—rail transport, logistics, and the European market—and its four core business lines: 

  • rail operations
  • combined transport
  • rail motorways
  • rail freight forwarding

An unrivalled network of skills and expertise for Europe

Rail Logistics Europe aims to become the rail logistics partner of choice for France and Europe, accelerating the modal shift away from road transport and making rail the go-to solution for sustainable freight.

The path to success? Five strong subsidiary brands:

  • Fret SNCF
  • Captrain
  • VIIA
  • Naviland Cargo
  • Forwardis

These five specialists harness their unrivalled European network of skills and expertise to design and deploy innovative, reliable, sustainable rail logistics solutions that serve their customers’ needs—and protect the planet.

If we double rail’s share of the freight market between 2020 and 2030, we’ll eliminate nearly 8 million tonnes of CO₂ emissions and €9 billion in negative externalities.

Frédéric Delorme, CEO, Rail Logistics Europe

The five subsidiaries

Each subsidiary has its own strengths and positioning. Together, their complementarity and synergy are powerful assets for Rail Logistics Europe.


Fret SNCF can meet any rail freight need—no matter how specialized—thanks to its tightly-woven network of coverage and capacity management expertise.

This RLE subsidiary has a unique operating model, based on a pooled transport plan that relies on predefined capacity corridors and terminal platforms that serve outlying regions. One train can serve multiple customers, combining full wagons, empty wagons, half-trains, single-wagon loads and different types of cargo. And Fret SNCF offers dedicated trains as well, especially for combined transport and high-volume shipments (heavy and long trains).

The company has a strong presence in France and on international markets, where it generates more than half its revenue.

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Fret SNCF is France’s leading single-wagon operator, and its membership of the Xrail Alliance1 enables it to track shipments from end to end, offering seamless service throughout Europe.


rail freight operator in France

Captrain France and the Captrain network

Captrain France—formerly VFLI—is France’s No. 3 rail freight company, delivering dedicated, customized services throughout Europe, thanks to its membership of the Captrain network. Captrain France also provides logistics and rail services to industrial sites, supplies traction for track-works trains, and handles rail infrastructure maintenance and engineering projects.


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The Captrain network serves all of Europe, working through its agile, mid-sized member companies, including Captrain Deutschland, Captrain Italia, Captrain España, and Railtraxx in Belgium. As a major European player in the logistics and transport industry, Captrain operates on domestic markets in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland, as well as leading international corridors. With its peerless expertise, the network is a powerful asset for Rail Logistics Europe, creating synergies between its subsidiaries and business lines.

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3.5 bn tonne-kilometres carried annually


VIIA is a combined transport operator specializing in rail motorways—ideal for covering long distances and carrying goods across natural barriers. Rail motorways offer two big advantages:

  • high-frequency, unaccompanied service for standard semi-trailers and other cargo
  • superior operating performance across Europe and along north-south and east-west corridors—a cost effective option for road hauliers.

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Using specialized terminals, VIIA connects to European rail networks, expanding its range.  And it’s a key player in the ecological transition: in 2019, it carried 110,000 units, eliminating over 87,000 tonnes of CO2. Within the Rail Logistics Europe family, VIIA links road to rail, making rail motorways a credible multimodal solution for European road hauliers.

VIIA carried 110,000 units in 2019, saving over 87,000 tonnes of CO₂

Naviland Cargo

Naviland Cargo is the European leader in combined sea transport, serving customers as a transport operator and freight forwarder. Blending rail with road and/or barge transport, it taps its own resources and a network of subcontractors to create a single, seamless logistics chain and deliver the full range of transport solutions. Naviland Cargo specializes in moving sea containers, swap bodies and tank containers across Europe.

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rail corridors plus service to 4 major ports, 15 terminals and 7 economic hubs


Forwardis is a freight forwarder with expertise in rail and supply chain services, developing customer-specific rail, waterway and multimodal solutions to move cargo anywhere between Spain and China. A logistics solutions architect, Forwardis aggregates services from a variety of operators, within the Rail Logistics Europe group and beyond.

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6 M

tonnes carried in 2019, taking 200,000 trucks off the road

Covering Europe from end to end

Thanks to its wide range of expertise, Rail Logistics Europe can custom-tailor its solutions to your needs, offering a broad mix of end-to-end services throughout Europe.

More than the sum of its parts

All five Rail Logistics Europe companies have used their expertise to form successful partnerships Europe-wide and around the world:

  • Forwardis, Fret SNCF, Captrain Deutschland and Captrain Polska joined forces to transport military equipment from France to the Baltics for NATO
  • In June 2020, Forwardis organized a special train carrying masks, gloves and hand sanitizer from China to France, with operational support from Captrain Polska, Captrain Deutschland, Fret SNCF and Naviland Cargo

1 The Xrail Alliance is built around an innovative technical platform that enables members to work together, meeting customer demand for reliability and integrated information. Its aim is to make single-wagon freight a sustainable, competitive alternative to road transport in Europe.