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Captrain is a major player in Europe’s logistics and transport industry, serving customers through its large network of subsidiaries and unrivalled rail expertise.

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Innovative transport solutions

The Captrain network is advancing the modal shift by providing innovative rail transport solutions that meet any need, moving goods at local, regional and international level across Europe.

Thanks to the peerless expertise of its network of rail companies, Captrain can design custom-tailored solutions for customers in:

  • the steel industry
  • construction
  • chemicals/petrochemicals
  • the automotive industry
  • intermodal logistics operators

17 bn

tonnes/km carried by the Captrain network

Serving customers throughout Europe

The Captrain network covers leading European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands—and Belgium under the Railtraxx brand. 

Member companies operate on their home markets and within the network, enabling Captrain to offer comprehensive transport solutions that eliminate transshipment and deliver an optimum customer experience, with shorter lead times, smoother border crossings and optimized costs.

Agile, service-minded, attentive to customers

Companies in the Captrain network are committed to staying ahead of the market. They work together to imagine and develop a new generation of rail logistics solutions that will inspire customers across Europe.

Captrain strives to:

  • make life better for customers, partners and employees by putting them at the centre of its business
  • stay close to customers, by listening and being available to them whenever they need support
  • be bold, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit that makes the network agile and enables it to meet even the most specialized needs.

The Captrain network

The Captrain network

The graphic shows a map of Europe, from Portugal to Poland, titled The Captrain Network. 

The map shows the locations of the various companies in the network. From south to north and from west to east, they are: 

  • Captrain España in Spain
  • Captrain Italia in Italy
  • Captrain France in France 
  • Railtraxx in Belgium
  • the Captrain Deutschland Group, which controls Captrain Polska, Captrain Netherlands and ITL Praha, serving the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria