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Fret SNCF tailors its freight transport offers to your industry and your needs. Find out what its rail and logistics support solutions can do for you.

Every business has its own transport needs. That’s why the freight experts at Fret SNCF developed FerWay, a new and unique range of transport offers.

Rolled out in 2021, FerWay can accommodate cargo of any type and any size—the better to meet the expectations of industrial customers.

One-of-a-kind transport offers

Fret SNCF provides: 

  • tailor-made solutions for customers that want to ship their cargo aboard block trains and
  • flexible solutions that adapt to your volume and frequency needs

And Fret SNCF has positioned itself as a key player in the ecological transition. With the biggest fleet of electric locomotives in the industry, this SNCF subsidiary is the greenest rail freight company in France.

FerWay Solo, FerWay Pack and FerWay Integral

Fret SNCF has a unique, innovative operating model designed around capacity corridors, with 3 offers that cover the full range of customer needs—single wagons, half-trains, dedicated trains and combined trains. 

By pooling cargo from different sources, Fret SNCF achieves higher load rates and makes the loading process more flexible and adaptable. A single train can consist of loaded wagons, empty wagons and a variety of cargo, delivering service that’s not only more frequent, but also more robust.

Regulations, Pricing and Conditions

Get up to speed on applicable regulations, Fret SNCF pricing, general terms & conditions of sale and carriage, special terms & conditions, and customs requirements.

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Fret SNCF’s promises to you

Trains run more frequently

Thanks to its capacity corridors, Fret SNCF can run regular shuttles.

Service is more robust

When the unexpected happens, any train can be a backup for another.

Booking deadlines and size requirements are more flexible

With Fret SNCF, you’re buying capacity, so you can get the best price—without having to adjust your output to the size of a train.

You get an estimated time of arrival when you book

Whether you’re shipping in France or abroad, you receive a projected delivery date when you place your order.

Transit time

Annual contracts

Projected delivery commitment and door-to-door service

Applies to all wagons, empty or loaded.

Real-time tracking on the Fret SNCF portal

If there’s a delay, you’ll be notified—even for international shipments with Xrail.

Booking is easy

Visit the Fret SNCF portal and place your order by 12.00 on the day before departure.

Single-wagon offer

FerWay Solo is Fret SNCF’s single-wagon offer. Use it for individual wagons or groups of wagons. 

Fret SNCF is the top rail company offering this solution. Why? Because single-wagon service supports local communities and businesses—even when they don’t need much capacity.

When you choose FerWay Solo, you’re booking capacity, so you’ll need to be more specific, placing a dated order with an exact origin and destination. In return, you’ll get more flexibility. You can book until 12.00 on the day before departure, just as you would with road transport.

Logistics support

Fret SNCF also offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions, even if you don’t have your own sidings. These include:

  • providing door-to-door coverage by combining services—at your site or via specific platforms—and by offering trucking services
  • organizing alternative multimodal solutions 
  • maintaining your industrial sidings by lubricating points, running track diagnostics and more
  • renting shunters, wagons and other rolling stock

Need storage? Fret SNCF offers access to handling equipment and warehouses with links to rail and road networks. This includes a wide range of services:

  • renting space
  • providing cargo-handling gear
  • warehousing
  • organizing road transport
  • handling customs formalities

With the Fret SNCF customer portal, you’ve got 24/7 access

Use the portal to place orders, track your cargo, get CO2 information on your shipments, and more.

Access our customer portal

Fret SNCF meets your needs with custom-tailored services. 

If you have a special request, feel free to contact the sales representative for your market.

Fret SNCF’s offers by market


Fret SNCF works constantly to upgrade its operational tools, simplify communication, and improve service quality. Innovations include XXL (long/heavy) trains, remote-controlled road-rail vehicles, on-board video reversing2 systems, and connected train technology that can automate certain aspects of operations, tracking and safety tasks—up to and including driverless trains.

1 Origin-Destination 

2 Backing up a train without changing ends.