Chemicals and petrochemicals

If you’re in the chemicals industry, you know that safe transport of your products is a priority. At Fret SNCF, we offer dedicated solutions that meet your production requirements--plus 24/7 tracking of your shipments in France and across Europe.

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Meeting your needs--in France and across Europe

Your cargo needs special handling, so our offer is geared around three key benefits.

Support--every step of the way

From the moment we receive your request for proposal, we work with you to craft a service that meets your needs and your logistics requirements. We study your specifications and make your solution a reality by providing a comprehensive range of expertise--technical sales, transport engineering, advice on safety and more. Count on us for safe, robust, competitive service, within France and across Europe.

Tailored transport solutions

When you work with our shipment specialist, you’re sure to get diversified transport solutions tailored to your needs. Just choose the option that’s right for your volume and logistics operations--from full trainload to single wagonload to Optifret. With our Optifret train-sharing offer, we can ship your goods--on prescheduled days at prescheduled times--using residual capacity aboard freight trains that have already been chartered. It’s particularly cost-effective if you normally ship via road or waterway.

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Learn more about our full-trainload offer

Real-time tracking

We track your shipments around the clock, with:

  • a dedicated market platform and a single point of contact for day-to-day tracking and management of your shipments
  • a range of e-services that you can use to track shipments, access invoices and calculate your CO2 emissions

Learn more about all of our e-services

Strict safety standards

On the job 24/7

The experts on our Présence Fret team are available around the clock to manage any incident that affects your shipment. With chemical cargo, we alert all parties--including national authorities if necessary--to the slightest incident.

Targeted, rigorous regulations

We handle dangerous goods using the same safety standards that our parent company, SNCF Group, applies to all of its traffic. And we comply with RID regulations on international carriage of dangerous goods by rail.

View the text of the Dangerous Goods Regulation (RID)

Safety & Quality Assessment System (SQAS) Indicator: Fret SNCF scores 97.25% in May 2016

Like any business that transports dangerous goods, Fret SNCF complies with RID regulations on international carriage of dangerous goods by rail. We also comply with the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) established by the Council for the European Federation of the Chemical Industry (CEFIC). On our last SQAS audit, conducted by Afnor in May 2016, Fret SNCF scored 97.25%, and our quality/safety certification was renewed for three years.

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