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The Digital Freight Train

Are you a logistics company, a rail company, a rolling stock manufacturer or a wagon leasing company? Fret SNCF and its partner Traxens are pleased to present the Digital Freight Train—with an on-board network of interconnected sensors that delivers innovative services and significant added value.

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Win-win partnership

To create this innovative offer, our subsidiary Fret SNCF partnered with Traxens, a Marseille-based company with specialized expertise in smart containers and a proven track record in maritime shipping.

In return, Fret SNCF contributed its extensive insight into the European rail freight market, including customer needs and expectations.

Traxens: Grown-up start-up

Our partner Traxens is moving the logistics industry into the future by providing logistics companies with holistic solutions for tracking and coordinating multimodal transport.

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Train Fret Digital

High-value-added services

With our Digital Freight Train offer, high-value-added services are standard. These include:

  • using geolocation to track your shipments in real time, in Europe and Asia
  • setting up geofencing to receive alerts when your shipments reach strategic, predefined locations in Europe, such as entrances and exits to loading/unloading sites
  • monitoring mileage—a service that’s particularly in demand from wagon leasing companies, who use it to schedule maintenance
  • recording movements (stops and parking)
  • detecting unusual shocks

Optional services

Thanks to its smart technology, our Digital Freight Train can also offer a number of customized services. These options include:

  • using a “remote control” to monitor opening of side- and axial-discharge hopper wagons and control all automated services remotely.
  • monitoring your wagons—loaded or empty—and cargo weight
  • controlling temperature and frost
  • tracking your train
  • detecting “hot boxes” to prevent train wheelsets from overheating
  • analysing data to anticipate deterioration of wheelsets and other key components
  • optimizing preventive and predictive maintenance

Fully personalized offer

Tell us what you need, and we’ll install the sensors. Options include:

  • monitoring transport conditions for certain sensitive cargo, such as pressure and humidity inside tank wagons
  • identifying and reporting any shocks to wagons

Open, flexible system

The Digital Freight Train is an open, flexible system with many benefits:

  • its core GPS technology is unaffected by distances and national borders
  • our system is guaranteed to be compatible with hazardous material transport, except in areas covered by the EU’s ATEX directive on potentially explosive atmospheres
  • our system is guaranteed to be compatible with any type of wagon or sensor
  • the Traxens Hub platform is interoperable with IT systems used by rail operators
  • installation is fast and easy

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